10 Prehistoric Pups Who Share Your Love of Dinosaurs

Posted by Tori Holmes

Is your only complaint about "Jurassic Park" that there weren't enough dogs? These pups feel the same.

Dogs have the unique ability to make even the most ferocious beasts look like cuddle monsters, and prehistoric creatures are no exception.

Take a look at these 10 pups who want nothing more than to be big, bad dinosaurs.

1. This little pup who's not so sure about his big horns. 

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2. This dog who knows that dinosaurs may seem tough, but their eyes tell a different story.

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3. This green dino who thinks that dino-pup heads should be spike-free.

4. This prehistoric pup who is happy to open the door for you.

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5. This meaty dino who can't imagine life without his set of pearly horns.

6. This cuddly dino who just wants you to come rub his belly.

7. This fluffy dino who is so proud of his shiny blue scales.

8. This little dino who loves nothing more than a night out with his prehistoric family.

Poor Edgar. #happyhalloween #cavepeople #dinosaurdog #edgarronaldbrown

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9. This dino-dog who's just trying to blend in with the crowd.

10. This dino who believes that scaley bodies are overrated.

Rawr #dinosaurdog

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These dino-pups are living proof that dogs can make even the most terrifying creatures adorable. Now all they need are some dinosaur-sized bones to bury.

Get digging, dino-doggies!

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10 Prehistoric Pups Who Share Your Love of Dinosaurs