11 Pictures That Perfectly Explain Our Bonds with Labrador Retrievers

Posted by Mateja Lane

Labrador Retrievers are America's #1 dog for a good reason. Here are 10 examples of why they're pretty much the best. 

Labrador Retrievers are smart, dedicated, and the most lovable goofs in the dog world.

A connection with a Lab is arguably the deepest; these 10 Labrador pictures prove it.

11. They love your kids like their own. 

Happy Child And Labrador Retriever Dog Lying On Grass In Summer

10. They will lead you.

Blind Person With Her Guide Dog

9. They'll hunt with you. 

Lab And Mallard Duck

8. They're great co-pilots. 

Cute Labrador retriever dog in car

7. They give great kisses.


6. They'll get in trouble with you. 

Doggie Drink

5. They'll travel any road with you. 


4. They're best friends with the whole family. 

Dog Heirs

3. They're there through thick and thin.

NY Daily News

2. They are always ready for adventures. 

Flickr/Eduardo Millo

1. They'll always be your best friend.

Flickr/Eduardo Millo

Labrador Retrievers want little more than for you to be happy, and we love them all the more for it. Their eagerness to please is what is truly at the root of the strong bonds owners make with Labs.

Share your Lab photos, because we know you have some.

Here's to Labradors always holding the #1 spot in our hearts.

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11 Pictures That Perfectly Explain Our Bonds with Labrador Retrievers