10 Pictures of Cats Who Adore Technology

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you've ever tried to use your computer around your cat, then you already know that there's an uncanny attraction between cats and technology.

What is it about cats and technology? They're undeniably paired, and there's something about technological devices that cats just adore. From trying to sit on your computer to pawing at your tablet or cell phone, cats love to be in the middle of things when you're trying to use your devices.

And while it's certainly nice that your cat is paying attention to you, have you ever gotten the feeling that he's more interested in your computer than he is in being close to you? The cats in these ten pictures absolutely adore technology, and it's evident. In fact, these cats seem to think that these devices are just for them.

Take a look at these funny cats and their antics. After all, some of these cats might be able to use computers and tablets better than we can!

Wired Up

doggo via Flickr.com

A Little More to the Left, Please

Jimmie via Flickr.com

The Perfect Place for a Nap

SanGatiche via Flickr.com

Time to Check the News

frankleleon via Flickr.com

Wait, I'm Not Done With That Page Yet

rochelle hartman via Flickr.com

Which Screen to Choose?

rochelle hartman via Flickr.com

Staying on Top of Things

Angela N. via Flickr.com

Ready for Our Close-Ups

Les Chatfield via Flickr.com

Inspecting Your Work

porcupiny via Flickr.com

You Don't Need This, Do You?

Sarah Stewart via Flickr.com

What do you think? Do you see your cats in some of these photos? These technology-loving felines sure are entertaining, and you have to admit that they make doing work, homework, or research a bit more enjoyable.

If your cat is truly driving you nuts by claiming your devices, there are a few things that you can do. First of all, make sure to provide your cat with plenty of attention and playtime. Your cat may sense that you're paying attention to a device instead of paying attention to him, and getting onto or near that device is his way of refocusing your attention.

You can also try placing a box next to your computer or other devices to help direct your cat to a more suitable resting spot. Most cats love boxes and can't help but climb into them. You may be able to work peacefully alongside, free to use your computer without having to move him or push away his paws.

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10 Pictures of Cats Who Adore Technology