10 Photos of Pets Trying Their Hardest to Be Easter Bunnies

Posted by Stacey Venzel
cat in the suit bunny celebrates Easter

These pets would like to wish you a Hoppy Easter, the bunny way.

A set of rabbit ears looks cute on a baby but tickle-your-heart adorable on the head of a turtle or a guinea pig. It seems Halloween isn't the only time of year to whip out the pet costumes!

Check out this adorable collage of pets dressed up like rabbits. They can't fool us, but their efforts are hoppily welcome.

1. Is it me or does this rabbit smell like ferret?

Looks like she's into the easter spirit ♡ #ferrets #ferretbunny #cute

A photo posted by Nancy Gonzalez (@buttonlove29) on

2. A horsebunny-drawn carriage ride.


3. A bunny with a beard(ie).

Sarah's Bearded Dragon Rescue
Sarah's Bearded Dragon Rescue

4. The woolly rabbit.

Amazing Grace Farms
Amazing Grace Farms

5. Aunt Bethany would say this bunny has a "funny squeaking sound."

Stacey Venzel

6. This bunny is ruff around the edges.


7. There's something prickly about this rabbit.

Happy Easter everyoneeee! #easter #imhoppy #eggsfulloftreats #hedgehogbunny #hoglife

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8. This gives a whole new meaning to "The Tortoise and the Hare."

9. Well, she tried.

10. The redundant rabbit.


If you don't have a set of rabbit ears on-hand, you should probably rush out to the store ASAP. Apparently, they're a hot commodity, and we wouldn't want Fluffy to miss out on a photo op this Easter.

How does your pet celebrate Easter? Tell us in the comments below. 

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