10 Pets Who Are Ready to Go Back to School

Posted by Tori Holmes
Back to school pets

It's back-to-school time again, and this year it's not just two-legged students getting ready to spend some time in the classroom.

These four-legged cuties don't want to miss out on any of the back-to-school action.

From showing off their new backpacks to tackling some challenging readings, these pets are experiencing the same back-to-school ups and downs as their human counterparts.

This little guy who isn't used to the weight of a backpack.

Back to school pets
@myusernameisverylong / Imgur

This poor kitty who doesn't even know where to start with these readings.

Back to school pets
@orion44 / Imgur

This little bunny who just can't wait to hop on over to the bus stop.

Back to school bunny
@kityInTheCity / Imgur

This little kitty who wants you to know that he only has to wear glasses to see the blackboard.

back to school pets
@waschbaer / Imgur

This book-loving kitty who can't wait for English class to start.

Back to school pets
@AllPersonsMoreThanAMileHighToLeaveTheCourt / Imgur

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This stylish cat who can't wait to show her friends her new backpack.

back to school
We Heart It

This focused feline who doesn't want to miss a second of the day's lesson.

Back to school pets
@BubbaTheCat / Reddit

This nervous puppy who isn't quite ready to say goodbye to his parents.

Back to school pets
@Babyk76 / Imgur

This pretty lady who wants you to hurry up or she's going to be late!

Back to school pets
@GloriousShinyBastard / Imgur

And these best buds who can't wait to share all of their summer stories on the ride to school.

Back to school
@RawraLawra / Imgur

Good luck in school this year, everyone. We know you'll do some paw-some work!

Are you going back to school? Tell us in the comments below. 

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10 Pets Who Are Ready to Go Back to School