10 Pets Acting Like People

Posted by Stacey Venzel
bearded dragon riding a bike
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What do our pets really do when we're not around?

We often treat our pets like kids: dressing them in costumes, toting them around on errands, cooking them homemade meals. Is it too far-fetched to picture them hosting tea parties and rocking out in a garage band?

From sophisticated to salty, bashful to boisterous, pets have personalities. They also have activities to attend to. Here's a collection of animals pretending to be people.

1. "More tea, govnuh?"

guinea pig tea party
Instagram/Stacey Venzel

2. "He was a skater boy. She said, 'See ya later boy...'"

Instagram/Jack the Cockatiel

3. "...Now he's a superstar, slammin' on his guitar."

dog on guitar
Trend Hunter

4. Songs from "The Nutcracker."

squirrel on piano
This Is Big Brother

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5. Just another day at the office.

rabbit at work
Laugh Spark

6. Just another day at the beach.

Tumblr/Cats Doing People Things

7. She's attending to some maternal instincts.

Animals and Nature
Animals and Nature

8. Hobbies include: watching intraspecies TV shows.

turtle tv
The Week

9. Does he know beggars can't be choosers?

chinchilla begging
Instagram/Chinny Buddy

10. He's trying to reduce his carbon footprint.

beardie bike
Caters News Agency

Our pets are busy too! Things to do, people to see; They're just like us.

Tell us a time when your pet tried to be like a person in the comments below!

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10 Pets Acting Like People