10 Pet-Themed Glasses to Use When Enjoying a Fresh Brew

Posted by Ashley McElmurry
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Is there a better way to drink your favorite beer? 

There is no better way to enjoy your favorite brew than from a glass covered in pets or pet sayings.

A glass with a saying such as "It's not really drinking alone if the dog is home" is the most relatable and necessary glass you could ever need.

That is why we went ahead and found that and more for you to pour your next beer into!

Beer Pilsner Glass

beer glass
Hello, accurate much?

No doubt you will be enjoying a tall boy in this one for just $14.99.

French Bulldog Pint Glass

beer glass
This glass is so cute you almost don't want to drink from it.

But then you do because, well, beer. Get yours for $14.99.

CafePress - Kitty Cat - Pint Glass

cat beer glass
This pretty cat silhouette is cute for display and for enjoying your favorite drink and it's just $13.95.

Dachshund Funny Novelty Beer Glass

beer glass
I'll drink to that.

Get your paws on this glass for just $16.95.

Boston Terrier Drinking Glass

french bulldog beer glass
Can a glass ever be too dramatic? I think not.

Get this Boston Terrier-adorned glass for just $13.95.

I Love My Cat Engraved Glass Beer Mug

beer mug
Yes, yes I do.

Let the world know how much your love your cat with this adorable beer mug for just $12.95.

Corgi Pint Glass

beer glass
Every Corgi lover in the world is missing out if they don't have this glass.

It's great for enjoying your classic brew and it's as low as $14.99.

Cat Beer Mug 

beer mug
Accurate right? Because it's impossible to feel alone with all those cats running around.

Enjoy a fresh and crisp cold one in this mug for $14.99.

In Dog Beers Barstool Philosopher Pint Glass

beer glass
Or a few too many.

Get a side of laughs with your beer when you sip from this glass for just $24.43.

Kitty Cat Stein Beer Mug Gift

beer glass
Quench your thirst with this cat beer mug for only $16.99.

With these glasses, there is no excuse not to toss one back at the end of a long day. Get your favorite now and enjoy your favorite brew!

Have a favorite glass? Tell us in the comments below! 

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10 Pet-Themed Glasses to Use When Enjoying a Fresh Brew