10 Animal Moms Being the Best Parents to Their Babies

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Don't forget to celebrate dog, cat, bird, and guinea pig moms on Mother's Day!

We celebrate our human mothers come that one Sunday in May every year, but our pets deserve a shout-out for their maternal instincts, too!

Some species, like turtles, don't take care of their young after they are born while others, namely mammals, nurse the offspring until they are big and strong. Animal babies are a little more independent than humans. Cows and other farm creatures, for example, learn to walk within minutes of being born. Human babies? That's another story.

But all animal mothers still care for their young in some way. Even though turtles don't hover over the eggs until they hatch, a mother nourishes the eggs with plenty of nutritious yolk to feed the hatchlings in their first few days of life.

Let's give a shout-out to these pet moms taking care of their babies:

The mom who would prefer it if strangers didn't snap photos of her kid.


The mom who loves a good cuddle sesh.


The mom who scolds her kids when they get out of line.


The mom who handles nursing like a pro.

mountain dog puppies, female dog with puppies on the grass


The mom who is totally over this and could you please just give her five more minutes.


The mom who acts indifferent to whinnying and whining offspring.


The mom who isn't afraid to call on the dad for some assistance.


The mom who thinks two is better than one.


The mom with the same snacking schedule as the kids.


The mom who naps while the kids go to town.


And let's not forget that we play mom to our pets, too! So pat yourself on the back this Mother's Day.

You might not get a signed Hallmark card from your furry, scaly, or feathery kin, but they'll show you their appreciation in licks and adorable poses.

Tell us how you celebrate Mother's Day in the comments below!

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10 Animal Moms Being the Best Parents to Their Babies