10 Pet Instagram Accounts You Need to Be Following

Posted by Tori Holmes

If you need to add a dose of cute to your Instagram feed, look no further than these ten adorable accounts.

From the barnyard to the backyard, the cuddly creatures in these Instagram accounts will bring a smile to your face every time you scroll by them.

Pumpkin the Raccoon

Follow the adventures of Pumpkin, a rescued Raccoon who thinks that he is a dog.

Alongside his two doggy friends, Toffee and Oreo, Pumpkin explores everything that his adoptive Bahamian home has to offer.

Princess Cheeto

I got #CupNoodles in mah head. #SWAG

A photo posted by i am cheeto. a cat. (@princesscheeto) on

After being adopted in 2012, Princess Cheeto's owners quickly noticed that she loved to be in front of the camera.

Today, her Instagram account is filled with colorful and simple images of Princess Cheeto's unique take on life as an everyday cat.

Bunny Mama

Happy Birthday to Oli, Bunnypapa & Taffy! Oli is 2, Taffy is 1 and Bunnypapa is old. ????????????????????????????

A photo posted by Moo, Oli & Taffy (@bunnymama) on

Bunny owner, Bunny Mama documents the lives of her three adoptive, free-roam bunnies, Marbles, Olive, and Taffy.

These three floppy-eared buddies show just how adorable life with cage-free bunnies can be.


It's baaack! #petselfiez

A photo posted by Jeremy Veach (@jermzlee) on

Norm the pug loves a good selfie.

The Instagram of Norm's owner, Jeremy Veach, is dedicated to following Norm on his mission to achieve the perfect selfie. Spoiler: many costumes and locations are involved.


Find Momo at a small motor repair shop. (Winter hint: foot prints in the snow gives us away entirely.) ????????

A photo posted by Andrew Knapp (@andrewknapp) on

If you consider yourself an I Spy master, just wait until you meet Momo. Andrew Knapp and his Border Collie, Momo, travel the continent playing an everlasting game of I spy.

Not only are Andrew's photographs beautiful, Momo is hidden in every one of them.


Friday ????

A photo posted by Theron Humphrey (@thiswildidea) on

When Theron Humphrey began travelling the country with his Coonhound, Maddie, he quickly discovered her knack for balancing and posing.

In his Instagram you will see Maddie in increasingly strange positions, happily posing for the camera.

Goats of Anarchy

His face ????????????????????????

A photo posted by Goats & Friends (@goatsofanarchy) on

If you think there is nothing cuter than a family of goats, you need to see the Goats of Anarchy.

Named after some of their owners' favorite characters from the show, the goats spend their days frolicking with their tiny barnyard pals.


It's been a long day. This makes me happy. #pibblepile #foster #rescue #adoptdontshop @urbsub

A photo posted by noelani g. (@noelaniig) on

Think a pack of five or more pit bulls is scary? Think again.

Pit bull advocate, owner, and foster mother Noelani, documents her life with a pack of five pitties and an ever-changing roster of foster puppies. If you're looking for non-stop bully cuteness, she's got you covered.

Menswear Dog

YAAAASSSS! ?????????

A photo posted by Menswear Dog (@mensweardog) on

When it comes to fashion, no dog can come close to Menswear Dog.

This stylish Shiba Inu happily models his outfit of the day, proving that there's the perfect look for any occasion.


No dog loves to play dress-up more than Paddington the Shar Pei. Alongside his feline siblings, Paddington dresses up and acts out short scenes that his owner, Annie, records.

If you think Shar Peis couldn't get any cuter, just wait until you see one dressed as a doctor...

And there you have it! Some of the cutest pets that Instagram as to offer.

Tell us your favorite pet Instagram handles in the comments below!

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10 Pet Instagram Accounts You Need to Be Following