10 of the Worst Dog Tattoos That People May Regret Someday

Posted by Amber King

When it comes to proving their love and devotion, dog owners go all out. But these 10 dog lovers went a little too far.

Nothing says, "I love you," to your dog like turning their face into a tattoo design. There's nothing wrong with permanently marking your skin with your dog's furry face, but sometimes, it goes very, very wrong.

From creepy to downright embarrassing, these 10 pet owners might as well put their tails between their legs and run after getting these 10 dog tattoos.

Woof? More like whoops.

dog tattoo fail

Dogs are hard to draw.

bad dog tattoo
Team Jimmy Joe

Is Max cross-eyed in real life?

dog tattoo fail-1

Even a dog wouldn't appreciate this memorial.

dog tattoo fail-3
Tattoo Bite

More like nightmares for years.

dog tattoo fail-6

They all do it, but really? Permanently on your skin?

dog tattoo fail-9

There is such a thing as an ugly dog competition, and this tattoo would take first place.

dog tatto fail-10
Best Tattoo Celebrity 

Much mistakes. 

awful dog tattoo
Inked Mag

"Is that really what I look like?!"

dog tattoo fail-2

Diabetic? More like demonic.

Rant Pets

These dog owners are nothing short of truly devoted to their pets, but that's no excuse for bringing these truly heinous dog tattoos into existence.

Before you go out and get inked, learn from these mistakes.

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10 of the Worst Dog Tattoos That People May Regret Someday