Dog Phobias: 10 Ridiculous Things Our Pets Are Afraid Of

Posted by Amber King

There are dogs that are scared of things like fireworks and thunder, and then there are these dog phobias.

Let's face it, fireworks are literally gun powder exploding in the sky, and a big clap of thunder is enough to make anyone jump. There are certain fears that are completely justifiable, and we do our best to comfort our pets and help them overcome their anxiety.

But then there are these dogs. Who knew these ordinary objects could be so terrifying!

Note to self: no balloons at this dog's birthday party.

This poor guy suffers from bathmophobia, or a fear of steep slopes or steps.

A pteronophobia is a fear of feathers.

There's no official word to describe how this dog feels about pineapples, but you have to admit, that's one shady-looking fruit.

This poor pup just doesn't know what's happening. "Are you trying to run away from your butt?"

Cucumbers are the worst of all the vegetables.

Did you say cat? More like fluffy feline of DOOM.

A pediophobia is a fear of dolls of stuffed toys.

"I swear I saw it move!"

Well that's one family member you don't have to share the remote with.

"You get that thing away from me!"

Take this Husky out of the Julia Roberts Fan Club. "The eyes! They pierce my soul!"

It's hard to feel bad when these dog phobias are just so ridiculous.

But we're forever thankful to their owners for capturing their terror on video.

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Dog Phobias: 10 Ridiculous Things Our Pets Are Afraid Of