11 Labs in Water Because That's Where They Belong

Posted by Mateja Lane

Labrador Retrievers are water dogs through and through.

Labrador Retrievers were originally bred to help fishermen off the coast of Newfoundland retrieve lines and nets from the ocean. Nowadays, they excel at waterfowl hunting, retrieving the game from the water.

All Labs are incredibly comfortable in the water, especially with their double-layered coats that make them almost waterproof.

Here are 11 Labs making themselves at home in the water.

They see any water as fair game. 


And show their friends why water's the greatest. 

Labrador Retriever And Friends

Because it really is their second home. 

Labrador Retriever Running And Splashing In Water

They're somehow more graceful in water than on land. 

Labrador Running

And that's what makes them the best waterfowl hunting buddies. 

Yellow Hunting Labrador Retrieving

Labs are true American dogs.


And they'll really retrieve anything from the water. 

Flickr/Kevin Rodriguez Ortiz

In really any type of water.  


They make some impressive leaps. 

Rosewood Retrievers

But they don't necessarily need a big body of water. 


Any water just makes them really, really happy.


Summer is almost here and that means your Labrador Retriever is more than ready to head to the water.

Even if it means the hose.

Does your Lab love the water? Show us in the comments below!

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11 Labs in Water Because That's Where They Belong