10 Horses with the Longest Manes You've Ever Seen

Posted by Paige Cerulli

All horses are naturally elegant and beautiful, but there's something about long manes that adds to the horse's incredible appearance.

Are you a fan of long manes? Wish your horse had a longer mane? There's something enchanting about horses with long, flowing manes. After all, they often seem to be right out of a fairy tale. Whether headed for the show ring or cantering around in a field, these horses make wonderful photography subjects.

Below are ten photos of horses with stunningly long manes. We can only imagine the time that's gone into their mane growth, and the amount of care that these horses require. So go ahead and feast your eyes on these amazing horses!

Look at those golden locks!

mane 1

Flowing Mane in Motion

mane 2

Seductive Waves

mane 3

Equine Blowout Ready for a Horse Show

mane 4
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Perfect Kinks

mane 5
Peebles Pair/Tumblr

Black Beauty Friesian

mane 6


mane 7

Crimped to Perfection

mane 8
Ride for Life or Love/Tumblr

Mermaid Hair

mane 9
Pinterest/Serena Frew

Epitome of Elegance

mane 10
Horse Genetics

Wish your horse had a mane as long as these horses do? There are a number of ways that you can promote mane growth in your horse. First of all, make sure that your horse receives the nutrition that he needs. A horse receiving inadequate nutrition will experience slow mane growth, and the mane's quality will also suffer. If you're unsure of whether your horse's diet is sufficient, speak with your vet or an equine nutritionist.

You can also help your horse's mane to grow long and healthy by caring for it well. Use conditioner or detangler on your horse's long hair to help untangle knots without breaking hairs. As your horse's luxurious mane gets long, many owners prefer to keep the mane in running braids or plaiting to prevent it from getting caught up in things or dragging on the ground as your horse grazes or if you are competing in horse sports like dressage or if your horse is a hunter.

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Just make sure to undo the braids every day or so to prevent the horse hair from breaking. When you undo the braids, use a little conditioner, brush out the mane, and re-braid your horse's hair. With a bit of time and patience, your horse's mane will be impressively long.

How long is your horse's mane? Tell us in the comments below. 

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10 Horses with the Longest Manes You've Ever Seen