10 Horses Who Are Done Cooperating Today, Thank You Very Much

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you've spent much time riding, then you know that sometimes horses are just done cooperating - and then things get interesting.

One of the great aspects of riding horses is that you can develop a partnership with a living, breathing being. The horse is powerful, intelligent, and fast. All horses have different temperaments, and some are more stubborn or free-spirited than others. But that's what makes riding so great - isn't it?

Most of the time. But if you asked the riders in these pictures, they probably aren't appreciating their horses' independence or free spirit at the moment. Because these 10 horses are done cooperating, and they're not afraid to let their owners know it.

At Least He's Light on the Forehand

Five Furlongs via Flickr.com

Someone Doesn't Want to Stop Running

Rennett Stowe via Flickr.com

No Fence? No Problem.

Five Furlongs via Flickr.com

I Think He's Done with This Lunging Thing

jdj150 via Flickr.com

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"If I'm Good and Muddy, She Won't Ride Me"

jdj150 via Flickr.com

This Ride's Over

1251068981_3a507f6e7a_z (1)
lostinfog via Flickr.com

Somewhere There's a Groom Without a Horse

Corinne Cavallo via Flickr.com

Off Course

Five Furlongs via Flickr.com

I Wouldn't Be Mounting up Just Yet

Cowboy Dave via Flickr.com

"If I Just Stand Here, You Won't Ride Me"

jdj150 via Flickr.com

Have you been in one or more of  these situations? Learning to deal with uncooperative horses is part of learning to ride, and it can make you a better rider in time. But it's also important to make sure that you stay safe when working with an uncooperative horse.

Wearing a helmet is always a good idea. If a horse seems to be too much for you, consult a professional trainer. Finally, try to keep your cool - it's tempting to react with anger, but an angry reaction will only make the situation worse.

If your horse frequently acts out, make sure that you check to see if he could be suffering from pain. Horses dealing with ulcers, Lyme disease, back issues, or teeth that need filing may all react with evasive or "naughty" behavior when they are asked to work. Start with having your vet out to check your horse over.

And, remember - a difficult horse teaches you the most important lessons.

What do you think of these naughty horses? Let us know in the comments below.

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10 Horses Who Are Done Cooperating Today, Thank You Very Much