10 Horses Behaving Badly

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When you work with animals, things don't always go according to plan, and these horses behaving badly are proof.

If you've spent any time riding horses, then you're well familiar with the fact that they all have minds of their own. Horses can be stubborn, goofy, and just plain naughty. Fact is, sometimes you catch them on bad days and can tell from the start that you're in for a wild ride. Horses behaving badly can put your riding skills to the test, but they can also be entertaining to watch.

These ten pictures capture horses in the act of being naughty. These horses do everything from buck and rear to try to climb over their stall doors. If you've ever had to deal with horses behaving badly, then you're probably familiar with some of these antics.

Do you see your horse's naughtiness in any of these photos?

Training? No Way.


Someone Doesn't Feel Like Jumping Today

carterse via Flickr.com

But MOM....


Not Having It.


Gimme Some Space!

Samantha via Flickr.com

Hold On....

Pinterest/Whinny Lane

Cat Tails Are Delicious

cat tail

Let Me Out.

let me out



Snack Time

Vintage Home CA/Tumblr

If your horse is behaving badly, then you'll need to discipline him for the behavior. Letting your horse go undisciplined can be dangerous, since he will learn that he can get away with the behavior and will likely try it again.

If you're out riding and your horse is naughty, it's important to keep working the horse until he behaves. Stopping your ride because your horse does something bad teaches him that if he ever doesn't want to work, then he just has to misbehave.

While working your horse past the bad behavior is important, your safety matters, too. If your horse ever becomes too much for you to handle, then it's time to bring in an experienced trainer to help you out. Dangerous behavior like bolting or rearing requires an expert - don't put yourself in danger trying to correct this type of behavior.

With time and training, most horses will get past their naughty behavior.

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10 Horses Behaving Badly