10 Horse Treats to Show Your Horse How Much You Love Him

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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From the super delicious to the awesomely healthy, you can't go wrong when you buy these 10 horse treats for your horse. 

Let's admit it: We all know that the way to a horse's heart is through his stomach.

If you have a treat-loving horse who deserves something extra-special, then you need to check out these great horse treats.

Your horse will thank you, we promise!

1. STUD MUFFINS 1060/1050 Stud Muffins Horse Treat, 60 oz

Stud Muffins

Your horse doesn't have to be a stud to love stud muffins. My mare gobbles these up, and they smell delicious, too!

Get this bucket for $29.95.

2. Purina Horse Nicker Makers 3lb.

Nicker Makers

Nicker Makers don't have any added colors, and they're highly palatable so your horse is sure to love them.

This three-pound bag should last you a while, too, and it only costs $19.00.

3. EQUUS MAGNIFICUSINC 011-10020013 Mint The German Minty Muffins All Natural Horse Treat, 1 lb

Minty Muffins

Want to truly spoil your horse? These treats combine a delectable chewy treat with a peppermint.

Double the deliciousness for $13.05.

4. Kent Nutrition Group/Bsf Rounders Horse Treats


Rounders are tried-and-true treats that horses and their owners love.

They're available in different sizes, too, from a small package all the way up to a big bucket that can cost $69.44.

5. Probios Horse Treats for Digestion Support, 1-Pound


Now you can feed your horse treats and feel good about it, too. These Probios treats contain probiotics to promote a healthy digestive system in your horse. What better reason than to give your horse a treat?

Get these treats for $12.79.

6. Manna Pro Senior Snax Treat, 2 lb

Senior Snax

Show the senior horse in your life how much you love him with Senior Snax. These treats are easy to chew, and they even contain glucosamine and fatty acids to promote good health in your horse.

This two-pound bag costs $10.52.

7. Giddyap Girls Premium Horse Treats, 6-Pound

Giddyap Girls

If you need a treat for training, this is the perfect choice. These treats easily snap apart so you can give your horse small rewards without going overboard on calories during a training session.

Plus, these treats contain no sugar or wheat. This bag will cost $26.26.

8. Standlee Hay Company Apple Berry Cookie Cubes Treats, Size 2

Cookie Cubes

Cookie Cubes are a great way to treat your horse without giving him extra grains or wheat. These treats are forage-based, but they have an appealing taste that will spark your horse's interest. My mares gobble these up.

This bag will run you $14.78.

9. Mars Horsecare Us 003755 Sugar Free Peppermint Bits

Peppermint Bits

If you have a horse who can't have sugar, such as a horse with Cushing's, then you may find your treat options limited. These horse treats are all natural and have no sugar added, making them a healthier option than some of the molasses-based treats.

This bag is $19.02

10. HILTON HERBS Herballs Horse Treat


Herballs are made from alfalfa, wheat flour and linseed, garlic, mint, oregano, and rosemary. Best of all, there's no sugar added!

These treats cost $10.23.

With so many horse treat options out there, you can't really go wrong in finding a great way to reward your horse.

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10 Horse Treats to Show Your Horse How Much You Love Him