10 Horse Birthday Parties You'll Wish You'd Had

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you grew up as a horse-loving kid, then you probably wish you'd had these awesome horse birthday parties!

As a kid, did you beg for horse birthday parties every year when your birthday approached? Maybe you have a child who is now asking for horse birthday parties of their own. There are tons of different ways that you can put on a horse-themed birthday party - the only limits are your creativity.

These ten photos include awesome party ideas, all with a fun horse theme. From food to games and decorations, this is a great first step to gathering ideas for the perfect horse birthday party.

Take a look - we bet you'll see parties in here that you would want for yourself!

A Perfect Decoration Scheme

party 1

A Fun Pony Party Idea

party 2

A Party Isn't a Party Without Cake

party 3
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Awesome Crafts or Goody Bags

party 4

A Little Bit Western

party 5

A Party, Complete with Unicorn

party 6

A Fun Decorating Idea

party 7

Ponies and Pink Everywhere

party 8

Awesome Horse-Themed Cookies

party 9

The Perfect Pinata

party 10

If you're planning a horse birthday party for a child, we have a few ideas to help get you started. Offer horse-themed snacks, like apple slices and carrot sticks, as well as horse-themed cookies or cake. There are many horse-related games that you can play, such as pinning the tail on the horse, holding stick horse races, or even hitting a horse-shaped pinata.

Looking for an easier alternative? Contact local barns to see if they offer pony parties. If you can find a stable offering pony parties, then most of the party is taken care of already. Guests typically have a chance to meet and ride ponies, and you will usually be provided with a room where you can have food.

Party planning doesn't have to be difficult, especially when there are horses involved!

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10 Horse Birthday Parties You'll Wish You'd Had