10 Greyhounds Unsure About Their Hats

Posted by Mateja Lane

Greyhounds can be pretty awkward. Put hats on them and their discomfort is exponential. 

It might not be the nicest, but we seem to take pleasure when animals are mildly uncomfortable.

Putting hats on Greyhounds definitely may not make them comfortable but, because they wear their insecurities so clearly on their faces, it is funny.

Here are 10 Greyhounds wearing hats.

1. Peter Pan in Headlights

PhotonMagazine/Paul Croes

2. "Why me? And why a Greyhound snood?"

greyhound in a snood

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3. Maybe Whippets are okay with looking dashing. 

whippet in a hat and scarf
One Large Prawn

4. "As long as there is cake involved, I will wear this dog hat."

greyhound in birthday hat
Yes I Know My Dogs Look Funny

5. "But, I don't really like this knit dog hat."

greyhound in knit hat
All Women Stalk

6. "I look okay though, right?"

Pinterest/Emily Aznavourian

7. Le sigh. 

greyhound in cowboy hat
Greyhounds in the Mist

8. "Boo, I hate wooly hat season."

greyhound in hat
Blogspot/Two Greyhound Town

9. Eesh

Italian greyhound in hat
Blogspot/Sharon's Scrapbook

10. "I think it's too tight."

greyhound in hat

These Greyhounds may not be sure about their hats or neck warmers, but at least they know they bring us joy in their discomfort. Dogs really just want to make us happy in the long run.

They'll put up with our antics if they think it pleases us.

Do you have a Greyhound? Have you ever made it wear a hat? Tell us in the comments below!

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10 Greyhounds Unsure About Their Hats