10 Goat Playgrounds That Will Make Your Kids Jealous

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Goats love to play King of the Castle!

Anyone who has had goats as a pet or on a farm can tell you that these animals are definitely not what you would call low maintenance.

Goats are super smart and get bored easily, which is why you often find them exploring every single nook and cranny of their pen. If there is a way to escape, they will find it! Their ancestors were mountain climbers, so domesticated goats love to climb anything they can.

Some popular playground ideas for your goat kids include adding a teeter-totter, a goat bridge, a goat tower, a tree house, plenty of goat toys, and plastic barrels for them to jump off. Bored goats and unhappy goats will be animals of the past on your farm!

These innovative goat keepers have built some seriously awesome structures to keep their goats entertained. Check out our favorite goat playgrounds; they will make you want to build one of your own!

These Angoras love hanging out on their play structure!

McWalter Constructions
McWalter Constructions

An awesome goat Tower at Goats do Roam Vineyard.

A goat playground with an epic backdrop!

These goats love bouncing on tires at Peck's Farm & Petting Zoo.



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These lucky goats got a custom-built platform to play king of the playground on.

Libby Dorazione
Libby Dorazione/Flickr

Keepin' it classic with playground equipment (they are called "kids" after all!)

Stefanie Seskin
Stefanie Seskin

Just imagine the amazing view from this tall goat walk.

This lucky guy has the playground all to himself.

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The goats at Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant and Butik have a whole roof to themselves.


Only four-legged kids are allowed in this fort!

Guys, goat playground is the best. #goatplayground

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Get building! Your kids (the four-legged ones) are waiting!

Have you built anything for your goats to play on? Tell us in the comments below!

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10 Goat Playgrounds That Will Make Your Kids Jealous