10 Gifts for Your Human Friends That Give Back to Dogs in Need

Posted by Amber King

It's time to get more out of your shopping.

Finding the perfect gifts for friends and family usually means scouring the store and closing down the mall, but now, you can give back to dogs in need simply by crossing off names on your shopping list. Gift giving is the perfect opportunity to shop for a good cause.

With millions of homeless animals in shelters and on the streets, you can use your holiday bonus to give the perfect gifts while also supporting animal adoption. That's right, check your list twice because these 10 companies offer products that give back to animals in need.

Kombucha Dog

bottle of kambucha dog
Kombucha Dog

Kombucha is a fermented sweetened tea drink known for holistic health benefits.The super drink caught the attention of commercial photographer and all-around dog lover, Michael Faye.

Ready for a career change, Michael decided to use his love for kombucha to help homeless dogs find forever families. He is now the owner of Kombucha Dog, a company that sells traditionally fermented kombucha and features real rescue dogs on each bottle's label. By simply getting pictures of rescue dogs out there, he's helping them attract attention and find homes. A bottle of Kombucha Dog is a great gift for a great cause.


empty cages necklace

Handmade jewelry is always a top wish list contender, and with Crafting4Cause, you gift a unique piece of jewelry along with a monetary donation to animal rescues. This Etsy shop is one craft-enthusiast's way of giving back to animals in need.

A portion of the proceeds earned from each piece in the collection is donated to shelters in promotion of animal adoption.

Hendrick & Co.

silver bracelet
Hendrick & Co.

With jewelry, apparel, accessories, and more, Hendrick & Co. was created with only one purpose: to save animals in need. What started as a small endeavor with a single t-shirt design has expanded into a company with hundreds of products. They partner with over 600 rescues and sanctuaries. And with each purchase, they donate $10 to the animals that need it most.

To date, they've donated over $1 million. It helps that all their products are perfectly designed for dog lovers.

Rescue Candle

pup'kin spice candle
Rescue Candles

Made from environmentally-friendly ingredients and hand-poured in the USA, Rescue Candles make perfect gifts for dog lovers. Mask that wet dog smell with fragrances like Pup'kin Spice and Mango Mutt.

Each candle burns for about 40 hours, and 15% of all proceeds are donated to animal rescue shelters. Shoppers even have the opportunity to hand-pick the shelter that will benefit from their purchase.

One Hope

dog with bottle of wine and toys
One Hope

One Hope sells award-winning wine and gourmet coffee, but it's their commitment to positive worldwide change that truly sets them apart. They support a number of different causes including childhood hunger, homelessness, cancer research, and you guessed it, pet adoption.

Their Pinot for Paws Woof! Gift Box includes a bottle of world-class California Pinot Noir for a lucky pup owner, and a collection of toys and treats for their favorite furry friends. With each purchase, One Hope helps a shelter animal find a forever home.

I  ? Tyler Madison

woman wearing fashionable clothes
Tyler and Madison

Sisters Charna Zucker and Jacqueline Harris are fashion designers who have combined beauty and self-worth with helping others in need. Their two rescue dogs, Tyler and Madison, changed their lives by teaching them about true acceptance.

In order to return the favor, the co-owners are active supporters of the SPCA and ASPCA. Their women's clothing line has been seen in magazines and on the red carpet. They have the perfect gift for the fashion-forward dog-lover in your life.

Rescue Chocolate

chocolate bars
Vegan Cuts

You can never go wrong with choosing chocolate as a gift, especially when every candy bar you buy sends money directly to an animal in need. With flavors including Peanut Butter Pit Bull, Fakin' Bacon, and Foster-iffic Peppermint, Rescue Chocolate really is the "sweetest way to save a life."

All products are 100% vegan and made from high-quality ingredients with no preservatives.


dog portrait

If there's one thing pet owners love to do, it's showing off their fur babies in every way possible. Dawghead is a unique approach to pet portraiture by combining the art of sculpture and painting.

The 3-D portraits are hand-made by Jennie Griffith, a professional freelance artist with a special passion for animal welfare. With every portrait, a donation is made to help fund animal rescuing, rehabilitation, and rehoming.

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Smiling Dog Coffee Company

bags of smiling dog coffee
Smiling Dog Coffee

Made from specially sourced arabica beans, Smiling Dog Coffee is a pup parent's answer to late nights and early mornings. Their flavored coffee includes Muddy Paws-Dark Roast, All Bark, No Bite-Decaf, and several other cleverly named and expertly blended mixes.

Each bag supports animal adoption, and they've already raised thousands of dollars to help dogs find loving homes.

Fur-Ever Home: An Animal Rescue Game

furever home animal rescue board game

Designed to increase awareness about animal adoption and the challenges faced by rescue shelters, this board game is fun for the entire family. Players are tasked with running their very own animal shelters, and they're forced to ask the hard questions, like how to raise funds and what to do about overcrowding.

The objective is to adopt out as many animals as possible. Along with lessons learned, Petsapalooza donates $5 to a rescue organization for every game purchased.

With help from these companies, you can give two gifts for the price of one: one to your human friends, and another to a rescue dog looking for a forever family. And while you're at it, feel free to pick out a little something for yourself to give back to dogs in need. Every purchase counts when it comes to saving lives when giving gifts.

What do you think of these products? Tell us in the comments below!

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10 Gifts for Your Human Friends That Give Back to Dogs in Need