10 Foals Too Cute for Words

Posted by Paige Cerulli

There's likely nothing cuter than a foal playing around, learning to walk, or just hanging out with its mother.

There's something special about foals - they're adorable and enchanting with their legs that are just too long for their bodies. Foals are awkward, have poor balance, and are just beginning to discover the world. It's hard to believe that they grow into elegant, graceful horses, especially when they're still so fuzzy and cute.

With foaling season in full swing, let's take a look at ten foals that are just too cute for words. These foals are of various breeds and ages, but they all have something in common - they're adorable. So go ahead and take a look at these playful, cute foals.


Stuart Webster via Flickr

Legs for days...

Rob Mitchell via Flickr

Growing into her eyelashes. 

Elma via Flickr

Foal twins like to match in sweaters.

eXtensionHorses via Flickr

Learning how to work his legs. 

smerikal via Flickr

The apple does not fall far...

Emilio Labrador via Flickr

Taking the time to smell the flowers. 

felizfeliz via Flickr

Fuzzy Muzzle

Carine06 via Flickr

So soft, though. 

j.e.mcgowan via Flickr

And so little!!

Scott Taylor via Flickr

Do these great photos have you thinking it would be fun to raise a foal of your own? Before you start dreaming of breeding your mare and raising the foal, make sure that you're capable of fulfilling the demands that come with breeding.

If you plan to breed a horse, then you only want to breed a top-quality mare to a top-quality stallion. Breeding can be very expensive, especially when you encounter emergency vet visits. You will need a facility designed to keep the mare and foal safe, and then you will need to know how to properly handle and train a foal.

Breeding isn't for everyone, but luckily you can enjoy the cute foals that other breeders have in their care. Want to try to catch a birth in action? Then check out Mare Stare, a site which allows you watch pregnant mares via the use of stall webcams. If you have a breeding farm nearby, then check to see if they offer any open house days when the public can see the foals.

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10 Foals Too Cute for Words