10 of the Fanciest Saddles That Are Sure to Turn Heads

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you love to stand out in the show ring or in parades, then you're in for a treat - here are 10 of the fanciest saddles you can buy.

A great saddle is a work of art. It allows you to feel secure, to keep yourself in an ideal riding position, and to communicate clearly with your horse. Great saddles allow your horse to move without inhibiting him, and help to keep him comfortable during long rides. Great saddles are invaluable, and when you're riding in them, you know.

But these 10 fancy saddles take greatness and works of art one step further.

Feast your eyes on these stunning, sparkling, artistic saddles. There's no knowing the number of hours that has gone into the creation of each of these magnificent saddles, but one thing is evident - there's passion and a true love of saddle crafting behind each. Techniques such as leatherwork, dyed leather, sculpting, and silverwork adorn these saddles. It takes a true artist to create each and every one of them.

Talk About Silver

TM Saddle 1

Ready for the Show Ring

show saddle

Attention to Detail


A Beautiful Side Saddle


Eye-Catching Red


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A Patriotic Theme


Express Your Individuality


True Artwork


Talk About Detail

detailed seat

Beautiful Artwork

horses detail

So, which saddle is your favorite? If you plan on buying a fancy saddle like the ones above, then it's important that you know how to properly care for it in order to make it last. When you buy a new saddle, follow the manufacturer's care instructions - some manufacturers recommend particular saddle soaps or conditioners based on the leather that the saddle is made from.

Clean and condition your saddle on a regular basis to keep the leather supple. If your saddle has intricate details like the ones above, then it's best to at least wipe the dust off of your saddle every day, and keep it covered to help keep it clean.

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If you're looking for a fancy saddle but a brand-new saddle isn't in your budget, then consider buying a used saddle. You can often get great deals on a used saddle if you know what you're looking for.

When buying used, make sure that the saddle is in good condition - carefully check the billets or cinch, and make sure that the tree is sound. It's also important that you'll have a chance to test ride the saddle on your horse to ensure that it fits you both well. Many tack stores offer consignment saddles, and you might find a great deal on a great saddle.

What do you think about these saddles? Do you have a favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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10 of the Fanciest Saddles That Are Sure to Turn Heads