10 Examples of Cat Logic That Go Against All Reason

Posted by Paige Cerulli

As cat owners, we have no choice but to alter our reasoning to obey something called cat logic, and these ten funny examples are spot-on. 

Cat lovers tend to alter their reasoning a bit when they own cats. Sure, our cats have all sorts of strange behaviors, like licking their rear ends and then cleaning themselves. Of course, we also kiss their heads, so if you stop to think about all of the germs that we're picking up, this totally acceptable habit is actually kind of disgusting. But that's part of cat logic.

Cole and Marmalade show us some other funny examples of cat logic in the video below. Do you recognize how cat logic has permeated your home? Maybe you choose a different chair to avoid disrupting your cat when he's sleeping in yours. Or you schedule your wake-up times so that your cats never get breakfast late.

When you think about it, cat owners might look a little crazy to outsiders, but cat logic is just part of our world. You need to have a sense of humor when you have cats, and cats will quickly teach you the importance of being flexible and compromising.

What changes have you made in your life since becoming a cat owner? Do you have new habits, new responsibilities, and new joys? Cats are talented in keeping our lives lighthearted and always filled with surprises. We wouldn't trade life with cats for the world.

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10 Examples of Cat Logic That Go Against All Reason