10 Eventing Memes That Will Make Any Equestrian Laugh out Loud

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Equestrian Problems/Tumblr

If you live for the extreme test of three-day eventing, then you're sure to appreciate these eventing memes that speak the truth.

Eventing riders are a breed apart. After all, we tackle three highly demanding disciplines - dressage, cross country, and show jumping - within every competition that we attend. We have to be versatile, precise, and strong. We also have to be bold enough to jump over solid obstacles while trusting our safety to our horse. In eventing, we do everything to the extreme, and we love it.

You can only truly understand the eventing world when you're a part of it. And that's what makes these memes so fun - they completely speak the truth, and any eventer is sure to recognize their lives in these situations. Take a look at these ten memes and let us know if you love them!

1. People who think you just sit there...

sit there
Equestrian Problems/Tumblr

2. Risk in eventing. 

medical information
Equestrian Problems/Tumblr

3. Unexpected Halts


4. The halts that weren't...

Eventing Nation

5. Horse Show Time

horse show time

6. Missing a Stride

missing a stride

7. Loose Girths

Pinterest/Chenoa Forrester

8. Weird Jumping Faces


9. Proving to everyone it's a real sport...


10. How sore you are after a competition...


Do you see yourself in some of these memes? It seems like some of us are born with a love for eventing in our blood. It's why we train relentlessly and spend hours conditioning our horses. And it's why we're constantly on the search for that horse that can help us advance through the levels. And maybe this love for the sport is where we get the courage we need to participate in it.

With the summer competitions almost here, we wish each and every one of you a safe and enjoyable competition season. Be bold and confident, but also be careful out there. Put in your preparation time, make sure that you're good and ready for each competition, and have a great time!

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10 Eventing Memes That Will Make Any Equestrian Laugh out Loud