Bringing Home the Turkey: 10 Dogs Working for Thanksgiving Vacation

Posted by Stacey Venzel

These offices have really gone to the dogs.

Take Your Dog to Work Day has a whole new meaning when your dogs take over the computer.

Maybe some of these pups mean business, but for others, it looks like work is not the first thing on their minds.

1. "You did what with those expense reports?"

dog at work
East Side Animals

2. "Mmm hmm, I hear you Doug, but I'm going to have to put you on hold."

dog at work
Moscow High School

3. "Can we start today over?"

dog at work
Planet Dog Blog

4. "I'm just... gonna... put my head down... for a few minutes..."

Working in an office is exhausting! #dog #London #bringyourdogtowork #sausagedog #recruitment #hospitality

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5. "I would advise you not to take that tone with me, Barkley."

6. "I'm drowning in all this paperwork."

We're all hands on deck here at #moderndogmagazine! #officedogs #puglove #jenji

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7. "Is it five o'clock yet?"

dog at work

8. "I think my lenses need a higher prescription."

dog at work
via Total Assault and Mooby the Office Dog/Pinterest

9. "Did I hear someone brought in peanut butter cookies?"

dog at work

10. When you procrastinate, ready for the long weekend. 

What's he suggesting? #dogsatwork

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Maybe you feel like some of these dogs on your days in the office. Or maybe your dog looks just like this when you bring him to work.

Share this with a co-worker in need of an office pick-me-up before Thanksgiving break!

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Bringing Home the Turkey: 10 Dogs Working for Thanksgiving Vacation