10 Dogs in Leaves Because Fall Has Arrived

Posted by Stacey Venzel
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When the autumn leaves go falling, the dogs go romping.

Fall isn't just a favorite season for many humans. Dogs seem to appreciate that smell in the air and the chill on their bellies. You know what we mean. When you catch Bongo napping in the nicely raked leaf pile with his snout toward the sky....

Sometimes we see a little bit of ourselves in our dogs with the weather change. They'll still play in the leaves no matter how old they are. Maybe we should, too.

Can you relate to these canines who are head-over-heels for fall leaves?

1. When it suddenly hits you... pugkin season is here.

I like leaves. #leaves #fall #dogsinleaves #puginthecountry

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2. When someone disturbs you taking in that autumn smell.

Another glorious fall #FriYay! 🍂🐶🍁 #DogsLoveFall #DogsInLeaves (📷 by Barbara)

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3. When you tag-team the raking but it turns into pile jumping.

Mom, stop sending me pictures of the pups because I can't stand missing them. 😔😢😭😪😅😍#feels #dogsinleaves

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4. When you think you're camouflaged but you greatly underestimated your army skills.

5. When you get carried away playing in leaves and forget the pile is supposed to stay intact.

#dogsinleaves #dogsofinstgram

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6. When fall hits you in the face... literally.

7. When they tell you to watch the kids in the yard and you say okay because #fall.

#dogsinleaves #dog #autumn #animal

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8. When you're new to this thing called seasons and you're still a little unsure how you feel about them.

Dogs and leaves- kinda like Peanut butter & jelly- they just go together! #dogsofinstagram #dogsinleaves #putyourpetfirst #petfirst

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9. When you can't contain your happy cuz ZOH-MY-DOG FALL!

Dog joy! #dogsinleaves #dogsatcamp #happybeagle #beagle #citydogsinthecountry #nycdogs #nydogsatcamp #beagleness #dogjoy

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10. When you and boo take a romantic fall walk just because.

Fall is here but it won't stay for long! Make sure you and your pooch make the most of the falling leaves while the season lasts.

And don't forget to celebrate with pumpkins and costumes, too.

Do your dog love fall? Tell us in the comments below. 

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10 Dogs in Leaves Because Fall Has Arrived