10 Dog Houses to Make You Jealous of Your Own Dog's Digs

Posted by Amber King
dog houses

Your dog deserves the best, and a space all to himself is sure to get his tail wagging.

A dog house is an escape from all the family noise and excitement, and it's also the perfect outdoor hangout. Your pup loves spending time with you inside, but every now and then, he likes relaxing on his own. A dog house offers protection from sun and rain, and there's really no limit to what it can look like.

Give your dog the deed of one of these prime pieces of backyard real estate, and you'll be packing your bags ready to move in.

1. Suburban simplicity for the everyday dog.

dog house

2. This isn't your average tree house.

dog house
Pinterest/Creative Architecture Design

3. Welcome to the Doggy Saloon.

dog house
Brian and Debrah Nelson via Sunset

4. Two stories of country comfort.

dog house

5. A seaside sanctuary for pups of all sizes.

dog house
Hap and Barbara Arnold via Sunset

6. This quaint cottage in the woods is the perfect place for your dog to unwind.

dog house
Designer Dog Houses

7. The Canine Resort and Spa comes complete with sun deck and bone-shaped pool.

dog house
Pats Color

8. A custom-made rustic residency is everything your dog needs.

dog house
Actual Magazines

9. You can do a lot with recycled materials; this backyard bungalow is a prime example. 

dog house
Dog House Pictures

10. The perfect cabin for Camp Canine.

dog house
DIY Cozy Home

Whether they're DIY or store-bought, these 10 dog houses are perfect for Fido. Choose something architecturally impressive or let your creativity run free with whatever materials you have lying around.

Get inspired by these dog house ideas to give your pup the home he deserves.

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10 Dog Houses to Make You Jealous of Your Own Dog's Digs