Long Weekend Necessity: 10 Dog Breeds Paired Perfectly with Wine

Posted by Mateja Lane

Which dog breeds seem to match your favorite glass of wine?

Love dogs? What about wine? If you answered yes to those questions, have you ever thought which dog breed pairs best with your favorite glass of wine?

Here are some dog breed and wine pairings.

Sauvignon Blanc: Pomeranian

Pomeranians are sweet, but can also be fresh. That is why they would pair quite nicely with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Crisp and sweet!

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Cabernet: Bloodhound

Cabernets are rich, full-bodied, and have many layers; just like Bloodhounds! Curled up next to the fire with a nice full glass of Cabernet would be even more perfect with a hound sleeping next to you.

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Rosé: Labrador Retriever

Rosés are bubbly, sweet, and full of life--Just like Labrador Retrievers! This wine is perfect for every celebration and Labs live every day like it's a celebration. It only makes sense to pair these two together.

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Petite Syrahs: Newfoundland

Petite Syrahs can be bold but have a sweetness that sneaks up on you. At first sight, Newfies can be a bit intimidating but then you find out they are just the gentlest giants. A rich glass of Petite Syrah would pair well with the big, furry Newfoundland.

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Sake: Shiba Inu

Yes, sake is a wine. It is a Japanese rice wine that is made by fermenting rice. Shiba Inus are also originally from Japan. It only makes sense that the next time you are sipping sake you are petting a Shiba Inu.

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Champagne: Chihuahua

To be a Champagne, the wine must be from the Champagne region in France. Chihuahuas are thought to be originally from the Chihuahua state in Mexico. But Chihuahuas are bouncy, bubbly, and energetic, just like a sparkling wine. Plus, they're kind of the same color.

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Chardonnay: Golden Retriever

Chardonnays are arguably the most well-known and popular wines. That can also be said about the Golden Retriever. Everyone can name a Golden Retriever! Goldens are sweet-natured, athletic, and are basically just good all around, kind of like a Chardonnay!

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Malbec: Cocker Spaniel

Malbecs are spunky, just like Cocker Spaniels! This wine is considered an Argentine variety and are usually described as robust. Cocker Spaniels are traditionally working dogs and are bred to hunt woodcock. These two would be a good match!

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White Wine Blend: Lovable Mutt

Sometimes you don't want one type of wine. That's why winemakers started to blend together pure wine varieties in order to get that perfect combination of sweet, bold, and crisp. Wine blends can be the most creative part of a winemaker's passion.

The same could be said of a mutt! They are the a hybrid of pure breeds and are arguably the best of each! Wine blends pair perfectly with a dog blend.

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Bourbon: Bulldog

Here's a curve ball. But Bourbon is traditionally aged in barrels, just like wine. And plus, Bulldogs go better with Bourbon. To be a Bourbon, you should be coming from Kentucky and Bulldogs wouldn't want it any other way.

Bourbon neat, please.

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This is all in good fun, but please drink responsibly. And remember that alcohol is dangerous for pets to ingest.

So the next time you are enjoying a drink, think about what kind of dog you would like to pet with it. What a business plan!

What's your favorite wine and your favorite dog breed? Tell us in the comments!

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Long Weekend Necessity: 10 Dog Breeds Paired Perfectly with Wine