10 Cool Turtle Tattoos to Show Your Dedication to these Amazing Creatures

Posted by Tori Holmes
Julia Dumps

Turtles are amazing creatures. They have existed for 215 million years, and they can live up to 150 years. Why not get a tattoo?

Turtles are also very adaptable, equally comfortable spending time on land or at sea. Knowing this, it's not surprising that the turtle is the symbol of health, longevity, and wisdom in many cultures.

Why not show your love for these amazing creatures with a beautiful turtle tattoo?

A subtle watercolor turtle.

turtle tattoo 10
Julia Dumps

A geometric, nautical-themed turtle.

turtle tattoo 9
Instagram/Lorenzo Anzini

A turtle home.

turtle tattoo 8
Instagram/Susanne König

A Hawaiian-inspired turtle.

turtle tattoo 7
Tattoos for Women

A family of turtles.

turtle tattoo 6
Crazy Tattoo Designs

A baby turtle.

turtle tattoo 5

A colorful turtle.

turtle tattoo 4
Design of Tattoos

A turtle that doesn't want you to color inside the lines.

turtle tattoo 3

A turtle as colorful as you are.

turtle tattoo 2
Instagram/Sasha Unisex

A tribal turtle.

turtle tattoo 1
Tattoo Journal

With so many choices, why settle for just one?

Let's get some ink!