10 Chicken Costumes to Get Your Coop Ready for Halloween

Photo: Etsy seller Chicks in Hats

If you can convince your chickens to wear one of these costumes, we think they definitely deserve some mealworms, cracked corn, and warm oatmeal rewards as Halloween treats.

With Halloween right around the corner, it's time to get your chickens in the holiday spirit. Check out these 10 chicken costumes that will get your chicken coop ready for the best Halloween ever!

1. Dressed up like Chicken of the Sea in these lobster and shark costumes.


2. What a fine chicken steed for Barbie.

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3. This chicken is a racing legend.

Photo: Countryside Daily

4. Chicken Florence Nightingale.

Photo: Etsy seller Chicks in Hats

5. We love this fierce viking chicken.

Photo: Lucy in the Sky

6. This Robin Hood chicken makes us merry.

Photo: Lucy in the Sky

7.  Best lawn ornament gnome chicken.

Photo: Ba-Gawks

8. The force is with this Yoda chicken.

Photo: Lucy in the Sky

9. Thanksgiving turkey chicken.

Photo: Countryside Daily

10. Cutest ever fox chicken.

Photo: Etsy seller Chicks in Hats

While it's great to celebrate Halloween with your chickens, do keep in mind that all costumes must be safe. Watch for any choking hazards (chickens love to peck and try to eat). Don't leave your chicken unsupervised in a costume (you don't want a tangled up or picked on chicken). And most of all, don't restrict a chicken's ability to see, move, hear, or eat.

Of course, not all chickens like to be dressed up in Halloween costumes. Don't ever force a chicken into a costume. There's always next year, and plenty of time to practice!

Which of these chicken Halloween costumes is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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