10 Dog-Themed Household Items That Make You a Little Canine Crazy

Posted by Ashley McElmurry
dog decor

There's a little something for the crazed canine lover in all of us. 

We've either been called a crazy cat lady or have called someone a crazy cat lady. But what about a crazy canine lady? I think we all know a few of those!

If you love your pup just a little more than most and don't mind the world knowing it, you might want to check this out. We have gone ahead and perused through some of the best of the canine-themed additions for your house.

1. Decorbox Decorative Throw Pillowcase

dog pillow

This pillow is redefining the level of expectation for throw pillows. The dog-inspired cotton linen cloth pillowcase is not only adorable but makes for the perfect warm addition your bedroom needs.

Get yours now for just $6.99.

2. Balloon Dog Figurine Statue 


balloon dog figurine

You don't need a clown to get your ballon dog. This figurine statue brings the joy of a balloon dog into your room for good. Set it up on your dresser or by your night stand.

This metallic friend is $32.99.

3. Cotton Linen Cartoon Throw Pillow Cover 

pillow with dog

It's another pillow we can't get enough of. Let people know that you love your pet by buying this cuddly cushion for your bed.

The cotton linen pillowcase is decorated with an abstract oil painting and can be yours for $8.99. Plus there are all kinds of different pup faces to choose from!

4. Primitives by Kathy Wood Box Sign


dog sign

There's nothing like inspirational quotes that you can place around the house. Especially when it comes to talking about your dog.

Snag this wooden sign for $13.75.

5. Dog Show Puppy Print Flannel Sheet Set

dog sheets

I am still trying to figure out the level of cool I would master if I had these sheets. I would say it's pretty high right?

Snuggle with pups all night with this set of twin-sized flannel sheets for $41.65.

6. Window Room Decoration Semi Sheer  Puppy Dog Pattern

dog curtains

Look out the window and be distracted by this pug and donut curtain set. These curtains are the best way to let your neighbors know too how canine crazed you really are.

Hang these up for $49.99.

7. Empire Art Direct Pets Rock "Soup" Fine Art Giclee Graphic Wall Art


dog art

It's time to strip your room of old posters to make room for this masterpiece. This canvas painting is not only perfect for dog lovers but also for anyone who loves quirky art.

There's plenty more where this came from but this one can be yours for $39.99.

8. Creative Co-Op Ceramic Dog Dish

wiener dog ring holder

Place this ceramic dog dish by your bed to keep your valuables in one spot. I have something similar and it is the perfect decoration!

Purchase this one for a mere $7.48.

9. Urban Trends Ceramic Sitting French Bulldog Figurine

french bulldog figurine

Talk about a well-behaved pup. This sweet little statue is great for adding a simple statement to your room.

Shop it for $40.15.

10. Dog Bookend Set

dog bookends

Those books aren't just going to hold themselves up right? This dog bookend is not only subtle but extremely useful, some might even miss that it is canine themed.

Hold your books up with this for just $32.73.

These items make for the best gifts for any of your dog loving friends. If you are doing a room makeover for yourself, these might be perfect for you too!

Would you go canine crazy over these items? Tell us in the comments below! 

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10 Dog-Themed Household Items That Make You a Little Canine Crazy