10 Braided Manes Every Equestrian Will Envy

Posted by Paige Cerulli
braided horse manes

Whether you're a professional braider or absolutely struggle to make a simple braid, you can't help but envy these 10 braided manes.

Braiding is a love-it or hate-it activity. It's a necessary evil in many show disciplines, and when done by a talented person, can beautifully transform a horse's appearance. Braiding takes time, patience, and skill, and if you want to master this art, then plan on spending a few years practicing.

At least, if you want to create the type of braided manes below.

These braided manes are breathtaking. They're literally perfect, and are works of art all in themselves. Clearly the braiders have spent years learning and honing this craft, and the horses they worked on must have been quite patient.

From show braids to parade braids, the braided manes below include all sorts of different styles. Perhaps you'll pick up some ideas for your next braiding job.

Look at that bling!

braided horse mane with pearls
Laura Hernandez/Twitter

Elegant and Classic

white horse with french braid

Beautiful Running Braid

white horse with running braid and one in front

Plaits and Roses

horse mane braided with roses

Braid and Bouquet

white horse with yellow roses braided into mane
Pinterest/Kathleen Decroix

Dual Braid

black and white photo of braided horse mane
Oughton Limited

So Fancy!

white horse with braided mane in tight buns
Castle Creek Farms

Look at that detail!

brown horse with closeup of tight braids in mane
Pinterest/Amelia Goldman

Beautiful Braid on a Suffolk Punch

horse with elaborate braided mane

Pretty Parade Braid

closeup of braided horse mane with red, white, and blue ribbon
linus_art via Flickr.com

If you plan on braiding your horse's mane for a show, then these tips can help you out. First of all, start practicing well ahead of time. Braiding well takes some serious practice and skill. If you can, learn from a talented braider so that you develop a good technique.

Leave yourself plenty of time to actually do the braiding- you don't want to feel pressured or rushed. Make sure that your horse's mane is pulled, and avoid conditioning the mane - this will make it slick.

In order to get great braids, portion out your horse's mane ahead of time so that all of the portions are even. Make sure that you use downward pressure as you braid, and keep the braid tension somewhat tight and even.

If a braid doesn't come out correctly, don't worry - you can always do it again. Braiding spray can help to improve your grip on the mane and can result in neater braids. Don't forget to tame any flyaways, and be prepared to touch up a few braids before you head into the show ring.

Do you braid your horse's mane? Show us in the comments below!

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10 Braided Manes Every Equestrian Will Envy