10 Bird Tattoos to Show the World You Want to Take Flight

Posted by Tori Holmes
Fresh tattoo of birds on woman's shoulder. Concept of freedom.

Birds have always been a staple of tattoo art, but recent years have shown a shift in their design.

Classic bird tattoos are now accompanied by an increasingly diverse collection of bird-related artwork, each with their own unique look.

Whether you want a visual representation of your passion for exploring, your inner strength, or simply your love of winged creatures, there's a bird tattoo out there for you.

Looking for inspiration? Just take a look at some of these beautifully unique bird tattoos.

A bird who is ready to set sail with you on your next adventure.

bird tattoo
Instagram/Susanne König

A hummingbird who shares your love of the mountains.

hummingbird tattoo
Jaya Suartika

A hummingbird who understands you prefer the warmth of the beach.

A wise owl who will join you on your quest for knowledge.

Last work in Moscow #tattoos #linework #blackwork #owl #owltattoo

A post shared by Sasha Tabuns (@alex_tabuns) on

A flock of birds, ready to travel the world with you.

Got to start this super rad piece today, #guendouglas inspired thigh blaster for an amazing lady! #kristinatattoos #globe #ladytattooer #swallows #thightattoo #linework #staygolden

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A stoic owl, representing your inner strength.

Whēkau @twohandstattoo

A post shared by Victor J Webster (@victorjwebstertattoo) on

A wind-up robin, ready to bring you to your favorite place.

wind-up bird with mountain scene
Tumblr/Gristle Tattoo

A bird who carries two important daily reminders.

A bird who is packed and ready to hit the road.

traveling bird tattoo

A geometric bird that fits together like a puzzle.

Geometric swan from my flash for Julie, done at 2Spirit Tattoo in San Francisco.

A post shared by Lisa Orth (@lisaorth) on

Do you like this new style of bird tattoos, or do you prefer the classic? The great thing about tattoo art is that there is no right or wrong answer.

Each piece of work has its own story, personal to the artist and owner.

Do you have a bird tattoo? Show us in the comments below!

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10 Bird Tattoos to Show the World You Want to Take Flight