Mother's Day: 10 Reasons Being a Pet Mom Is the Best

Posted by Samantha Bubar

We all know that pets are family. 

Being a pet mom means a lot of things. Whether you have reptiles, fish, cats, dogs, birds, or horses- being mama to any kind of pet is rewarding. Pets are rewarding and enrich our lives in countless ways; ways for which we could never repay them.

In honor of Mother's Day this year, here are some of the best parts of being a pet mom.

10. You'll never have to be alone.

Through the good times and the bad, your pets will always be there for you. As a pet mom, you'll never have to be alone. Literally ever. Not even in the bathroom. Or when you're cooking.

Dog meme with German Shepherd

Especially not in the bathroom.

9. Pets will always have your back.

Dog in middle of couples kiss

You're mom, and what you say, goes. You're also the one that feeds them. And snuggles them. And lets them sleep under the covers. So basically, they'll support anything you do.

8. You'll always have a nurse.

Dog meme with doctors

When you're sick, you'll always have someone to nurse you back to health. Or at least a cuddle partner on the couch until you feel better. There's soup involved, right?

7. You always have a second set of eyes.

Dog meme with beagle

No matter what you do, you always have a witness. Because you're always being watched.

6. Food will never go to waste!

Group of friends eating outdoor. Woman feeding her dog

Whether it's crumbs, pizza crust, dropped carrots; none of that food will go to waste. You've always got a willing mouth to snack on leftovers!

5. You're never without an exercise partner.

Sporty woman and dog running together on country road on summer sunset. Cheerful female athlete training and exercising outdoor with her pet.

There is always someone willing to play. Whether it's going for a walk, or playing inside, or going for a hike- you always have a companion ready and willing to get some playtime in.

4. Pets keep you on your toes.

Oh Hey You're Home Early cute memes animals cat cats adorable animal kittens pets kitten funny pictures funny animals funny cats:

Pets provide you with endless entertainment, and keep your mind sharp. Keeping them occupied and out of trouble, as well as sufficiently entertained, will be sure to keep you on top of your game and sharp as a tack.

3. Perspective.

cat steals sausage from the refrigerator

Loving and caring for such wonderful pets forces you to see things from a different perspective. Being able to see things from their eyes is a helpful tool in life. You can thank them later.

2. Pets give you something to be thankful for.

Young brunette woman hugging her lap dog puppy. Retro style

Love, the constant attention, and support all comes with being a pet mama.

 1. Unconditional Love

woman with a cat sitting beside the window in livingroom/beside the window 08

No one will love you like your pets. They live for the moments that they get to be with you. From the second you leave the house, to the moment you come home- you are all they think about.

That feeling can't be beat.

Happy Mother's Day to all the pet mamas out there! Your furry babies love you.

Are you a pet mama? Show us your pet in the comments below!

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