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The 10 Best Goat Toys the Whole Gang Will Love For Their Playground


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Considering their ancestors, it's no surprise cats like to pounce on cat trees, so it shouldn't be a big shocker that Pygmy goats are climbers.

Goats love to be busy! They're like toddlers who need to be entertained all day until it's time for bed.

I admire goats' sweet and outgoing personalities. If you have the privilege of owning a farm animal who loves to play, spoil your fur baby with all the toys! Here are 10 of the best goat toys for keeping goats busy.

Do Goats Get Bored?

Like many farm animals, goats do get bored. Goats are very playful and active. They do need a source of entertainment for a happy farm life. You might think petting them here and there is curing their boredom, but goats need more care than that. DIY goat toys and playsets provide days worth of fun for your goats.


DIY Goat Playground Ideas

1. Tires

If you're not sure where to start with a goat playground, tires are the answer. Dig a small trench, and let your goats have fun jumping on and running through tractor tires. Next time you get your tires checked, keep the old tires that need to be replaced.

Goat owners, if you don't have any spare ones to use for your goat's playground, you're in luck because Amazon sells anything these days.

2. Outdoor plastic playground

I don't think there's a better combination than baby goats and a kid's outdoor playhouse. So sweet.

3. Trampoline

Okay but seriously, watch the entire video. When the baby goat realizes what the trampoline does, it looks like he's ready to have a blast jumping!



4. Walnut Lumber

Raising goats is super fun. Get creative and build a toy for your goats. They love homemade pallets.


5. Decorative Straw Bale

The more climbing toys you have for your cute animals, the better!


6. Barrel

Goats love barrels! If they can climb on it, just go ahead and put it in their playground.

So adorable!

7. Seesaw

This pet seesaw can hold up to 50kg, or about 100 pounds. Baby goats will get some excitement from this!

Also, the sound of a little goat hoof stepping on it will melt your heart.


Goats treat their toys like it's Christmas morning every day. These goats are having too much fun.

8. Tetherball

As I said, goats are just like little kids. Who didn't love a game of tetherball growing up?



9. Step Stool

This step stool can hold up to 300 pounds! Your goat will be grateful for some extra help getting to the top of their new playground set. A nice and cheap alternative if you don't have tree stumps.

10. Pet pool

During summertime, your goats most likely want to cool off too. You could always fill up a kiddie pool with cheap toys for extra fun! Dollar store finds are honestly the best! Dog toys can also come in handy to combat their boredom.

Goats are also big fans of wooden spools. You'd be surprised by what's already in your shed that you can turn into goat toys. You won't have any bored goats if you have items that meet their climbing needs. If your farm life needs a bit more excitement, you should go all out for your goats and give them the best goat playground. Keeping goats active will soon be one of your favorite farm life chores. I could watch a goat go down a slide all day.

Do you have a goat pen full of toys or a DIY playground? Let us know in the comments below!


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This post was originally published on July 29, 2019.

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