10 Best Winter Gifts for the Ultimate Dog Owner

Posted by Mateja Lane
Man walking with his yellow labrador retriever in winter landscape

The best dog owner needs these 10 gifts. 

Whether you consider yourself the best dog owner, or your have one on your Christmas list, these 10 items are things that are never left at home on the way to the dog park.

The temperature may be dropping but that doesn't mean Fido can skip out on his daily exercise. Here are 10 things no dog owner can live without, especially during the winter months. Use it as a gift guide or put these items on your own wishlist.

10. Fingerless Gloves


fingerless glovesThese are more than perfect for those 19-degree mornings when you need your fingers to separate the poop bags, but still need to stay warm.

The Isotoner Women's Flip Top Gloves have the warmth of a mitten but the dexterity of gloves. They'll run you $34.06

Here's a men's fingerless glove too: Adorrable Men's Wool Glove Mitten

9. Poop Bags

poop bags

This may seem silly, but poop bags are something that dog owners actually hate spending money on (they go so fast! Why can't I just use Safeway bags?). But there is no denying the convenience of a poop bag supply.

Poop bags make for a great stocking stuffer, too.

These Earth Rated bags are lavender-scented and cost $11.99.

8. LED Dog Collar

LED collar

The winter can be tough on dog owners, especially the ones who are used to spending an hour at the dog park. It gets dark at 5 p.m. which can be extra frustrating for working dog parents.

This LED collar will help make your furry friend visible when they are out in the dark, getting out all that pent-up energy. It costs $8.37.

7. Glow-in-the-Dark Frisbee

dog frisbee

To go with the dog's LED collar, this glow-in-the-dark frisbee is perfect for the dark dog park.

The Night Ize Discuit will run you $8.39

6. Grooming Glove

grooming glove

The ultimate dog owner loves spending time with their dog; brushing them, touching them, bugging them, they just want to hang out with their furry best friend.

With the pet grooming glove, this dog owner can make Fido look presentable for the holiday party by just petting him. The glove costs $8.96

5. Hands-Free Leash

hands-free leash

The ultimate dog owner is almost always out with their dog. Especially during the winter months, holding the dog leash can get cumbersome. Plus, they would rather keep their hands warm in their pockets.

The hands-free leash is perfect for keeping hands toasty and will help anchor a pulling dog.

This one by TaoTronics is made with bungees to help absorb jerking and costs $17.99.

4. BarkBox Subscription


Any dog lover would love a subscription to BarkBox, a monthly subscription box filled with toys and treats.

Wide Open Pets is currently giving away a year's supply to BarkBox with our Holiday Pet Selfie Giveaway. That makes for a free, easy gift!

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3. Car Seat Cover

car seat cover

The ultimate dog owner is always taking their favorite dog on the best adventures. But that doesn't mean their car has to be dirty.

This Carhartt dog seat cover is rugged and the perfect gift for that dog person in your life. (If you are the dog owner, this is perfect to put on your wishlist.)

This is a quality cover, made with the well-known Carhartt fabric; it costs $99.99 but is well worth it.

2. Travel Water Bottle and Dog Bowl

dog water bottle

A good pet owner makes sure their pooch has access to fresh water. A travel water bottle, made just for the dog, is a good gift for the adventurer.

This H2O4K9 water bottle comes with a screw-off top that acts like a water bottle. Convenient and compact, plus the name is pretty sweet. This gift costs $16.99.

1. Dog Treat Pouch

dog treat pouch

I have used a climbing chalk bag to carry around dog treats, but this bag has a built-in poop bag dispenser! It's perfect to carry around a smartphone, chapstick, and can be clipped right onto your belt.

This nifty little bag costs $13.95

Some honorable mention gifts that any dog owner will love include a new dog bed, personalized dog mugs, and funny dog mats. Most of these unique gifts can be found on Amazon which means you have time to order before Christmas!

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Do you want anything on this list? Do you have something to add? Tell us in the comments below!

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10 Best Winter Gifts for the Ultimate Dog Owner