10 Best Dog Photobombs That Prove They Are Always the Star of the Show

Posted by Kirstin Wright
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Although these dogs probably didn't realize what they were doing, they are sure to make you smile. Take a look at the ten best dog photobombs we could find.

Like humans, some dogs are camera shy, while others love to ham it up for the lens. These dogs, however, are the ultimate pranksters. Just when you think you're looking at a mundane picture, there he is; a dog grinning in the background.

Grab your pen and paper and take some notes for your next photobomb mission because these dogs are stealthy and have serious comedic talent!

Will you be sending your dog out on a photobomb mission anytime soon?

We all have that friend...

black dogs on green grass
Pinterest/The Meta Picture

When you have to go, you have to go.

couple sitting in grass with labrador retriever pooping
Life with Dogs

"Is this supposed to impress me?"

People getting married with corgi in corner
Cameronsettokill via imgur

Someone's been going to the gym.

two girls, boxer dog between

"Lose the scarf."

girl taking picture in mirror with golden retriever looking

I hope she has a plastic bag...

girl on beach with dogs

"Let's party!!!"

dogs at park with drink

"Can I be in the wedding?"

man proposing with golden retriever

"Can we go, yet?"

bull mastiff posing in front of owner

The life of the party.

group picture with dog in front

These photos should encourage you to always keep a camera handy when there are animals, especially dogs, nearby. You never know what crazy antics and funny photo ops your little buddy will produce next!

Show us your dog photobombs in the comments below!

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10 Best Dog Photobombs That Prove They Are Always the Star of the Show