10 Best Animal Rescue Stories of 2017

Posted by Mateja Lane
Lifeguard dog, rescue demonstration with the dogs in the pool.
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It's been a year of Good Samaritans. 

When people save animals, especially when they are hurting and can't ask for help, our faith in humanity and morality is restored. It's refreshing to see little act of kindness, often unsolicited, caught on camera.

This year we saw a lot of selfless animal rescues. For our third article of our Top 12 Stories of 2017 countdown we have compiled our top 10 animal rescue stories. To no further ado, here are 10 people who surprised us with goodness when they saved a pet this year.

10. Horse Fed Apples


These Australians opened their door to flood waters during the Murwillumbah, and a nearly drowning horse swimming by. They let the horse up the flooded stairs where it collapsed and they fed it apples until help arrived. 

Read the whole story here.

9. Dog with Duct Taped Muzzle


This poor pup was found at the last minute, in a ditch with its muzzle duct taped shut. The Texas plumber sprang into action and brought this guy to a nearby rescue.

Read the story here.

8. Woman in Heels to the Rescue


The number eight best rescue story of the year is when we saw a fully dressed woman in heels jump into a pond to save a horse from drowning.

Watch the drama unfold here.

7. Thirsty Cobra


Here we saw an animal usually considered deadly get help from humans. They could clearly tell the snake was looking for water.

Watch this incredible video here.

6. Teenagers Save a Bunny


This was close to being in the top 5 rescue stories of the year, but it very may well be our favorite rescue story of the year. These two Texan teenagers went out in the Harvey floods with one mission in mind: to save animals left behind.

In this story they saved a family of bunnies. Read it here.

5. Puppy Saved from Hot Car

dog in car

Texas is hot in the summer. A closed car can easily be 30 degrees hotter, and when this puppy was locked in a car when it was 100 degrees outside, a passerby sprung into action.

Read the story here.

4. Foal Stuck on Bridge

horse on bridge

This video shocked the world when a foal got its leg stuck in the cracks of a bridge. The mama could do nothing but neigh encouragement. Luckily, a man was watching.

See the rescue here.

3. Woman Helps on Horseback


This rescue wasn't for an animal, but an animal helping rescue a human. A trucker was stranded in a crazy snow storm and a woman nearby was the only one who could help. She rode her horse through the deep snow to give the man a warm meal.

Read about this act of kindness here.

2. LA Street 'Dog'


Hope for Paws is a rescue organization in Los Angeles. When they received a call that a wolf was wandering the city streets, they were suspicious. Luckily, they came to the rescue and found that it was just a street dog who needed help.

Watch the rescue here.

1. National Guard Flood Animal Rescues

national guard

This compilation of photos a National Guard first responder shared touched our hearts. We only hear of the most dramatic rescues when a natural disaster hits. But more than 70 pets were rescued by this single National Guard member.

That makes us believe there is still good in the world. See the animal rescues from Hurricane Harvey here.

It was a year with some of the most devastating natural disasters to hit the U.S. Luckily there were this many less pet casualties thanks to these 10 rescues.


Stay tuned as we count down the Top 12 Stories published in 2017. There are winners to come before Christmas!

What was your favorite rescue story? Tell us in the comments below. 

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10 Best Animal Rescue Stories of 2017