10 Awesome Celebrities Who Adopted Rescue Pets

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These celebrities with rescue pets have proven the #adoptdontshop movement has reached the streets of Hollywood.

With all that money and fame, it's easy to assume those well-pampered pets prancing alongside your favorite Hollywood stars are expensive purebreds. They were most likely bought from a well-known breeder and worth more than your car.

That may be true for some celebrities, but not for these Hollywood A-listers. These ten stars have a passion for animal welfare. They've opened their homes to rescue pets of all species.

Hilary Swank

Golden Globe winner and Oscar recipient Hilary Swank has proven her merit in front of the camera, and the actress also has a serious passion for animal welfare. She has two rescue parrots, named Seuss and Angel, as well as two rescue dogs, named Rumi and Kai.

She is continuously campaigning for animal rights and is a major supporter of the Best Friends Animal Society. The actress's Instagram is dedicated to sharing adorable photos of her rescue pets, and the world loves her for it.

Lea Michele

Cozy Saturday... ❤️

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The actress best known for her roles in "Glee" and "Scream Queens" found a forever friend hiding under a bush next to a parking lot. The kitten, soon to be named Sheila, was found by the star while she was filming episodes of "Glee."

Michele immediately decided to take her home, and the pair has been inseparable ever since.

Josh Hutcherson

celebrities with rescue pets
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"Hunger Games" star, Josh Hutcherson, adopted Driver, a three-month-old blue pit bull, back in 2012. A Los Angeles rescue group called Hands Paws & Hearts took in the dog after he had been brought into a municipal animal shelter as a stray.

The poor pup had a broken leg and was missing two toes. Hutcherson called the shelter interested in rescuing a pit bull, and Driver was the perfect match.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone, attends the 'Irrational Man' photocall during the 68

Emma Stone became a pup parent right before Christmas 2012. She took in a two-year-old Golden Retriever with the intent of fostering the animal as they waited for someone to officially adopt her. But the pup quickly stole her heart, and Stone simply couldn't let her go.

She gave both herself and the dog the perfect Christmas present by making the adoption official on Christmas Eve.

Kristen Bell

This is the safest spot in the house when the loud and scary fireworks are a blarin'. #usa

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Kristen Bell and husband Dax Shepard have two beautiful daughters, but their family wouldn't be complete without their beloved rescue pets.

Bell adopted Lola after two different families returned her to an animal shelter claiming she was an escape artist. But Bell took her in, and she soon gave up her escape attempts. Mr. Shakes joined the family after narrowly escaping euthanasia. He was next in line to be put down when Bell came to his rescue and gave him a forever family.

Ed Sheeran

Daddy's home

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Ed Sheeran is one of the world's most famous cat lovers, and he always seems to be there when there's a kitty in need. In 2014, he announced on Twitter that he saved a one-month-old kitten from euthanasia.

He named his new friend Graham, and the kitten's fame now rivals that of his owner's. Graham has his own Twitter account with over 73 thousand followers.

Jake Gyllenhaal

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Jake Gyllenhaal proved his love of animals as well as classic literature when he adopted his two rescue dogs, Atticus and Boo Radley. Gyllenhaal states that animals haven't always been a part of his life, but after the success of "Brokeback Mountain," he was ready for some four-legged family members.

He is frequently seen out spending time with his canine buddies doing everything from exercising to running errands.

Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert can't remember a time when her life didn't include a whole herd of animals. She describes her childhood home as having an "open door policy" toward animals in need, and the country star has kept up that tradition.

Her furry family includes five rescue dogs as well as a flock of chickens, two pot bellied pigs, three mini horses, three horses, and three cats. Each animal has its own heartwarming story of adoption, and Lambert has proven she has enough animal love to go around. She even runs her own animal rescue called MuttNation.

Selena Gomez

Pop princess, Selena Gomez, is never one to turn down an animal in need, and her four-legged family includes six rescue dogs. Baylor, Fina, Willie, Chip, Chazz, and Wallace all entered Gomez's life at different times under different circumstances.

Fina, a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, walked up to the singer's mother in a grocery store parking lot. She found Chazz abandoned in a field in Puerto Rico while filming a movie. Regardless of how their lives started, Gomez has made sure that each dog is now well-cared-for, and most importantly, well-loved.

Zooey Deschanel 

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When Zooey Deschanel went to the Bill Foundation, a non-profit animal rescue in Los Angeles, she was intent on adding a furry friend to her family. She instantly fell in love with a tiny ball of fluff she named Zelda, but the actress walked out of the shelter with even more love than she could have expected.

After witnessing Deschanel's obvious attraction to Zelda, rescuers told the actress that the dog had a sister. Unwilling to separate the two, Deschanel became the proud parent to both Zelda and Dot.

Each one of these celebrities has a heartwarming story of animal adoption to share, and they've changed the lives of their furry family members. Celebrities with rescue pets prove that animals don't have to be purebred or sold by a breeder to deserve love. And they hope to inspire others to follow their lead.

So head out to your local animal shelter to find a rescue pet of your own.

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10 Awesome Celebrities Who Adopted Rescue Pets