10 Animal-Themed Trinkets for the Quirky Collector

Posted by Ashley McElmurry
animal trinkets

Home is where your pets and animal-themed trinkets are, of course.

We love treating our animals to the best of the best. I know that I like to buy my cats little toys even though they prefer my sock. Our dogs, while they do have their favorite toy, usually prefer our pillows over everything. But what about us? Maybe it's time we treat ourselves this time around!

We've gone ahead and curated a list of some the cutest animal-themed collectables for your home. From kitty slippers to tea diffusers, you can add a little animal loving of your own to your home in no time!

1. GUND Pusheen Plush Slippers


plush slippers Are you familiar with this cat sticker from Facebook? It's an emoji we've grown to love. The cute animated-style emoticon allows us to spread all of our emotions, maybe a little more than even our own cats.

These Pusheen Plush Slippers are only $19.24 and are the perfect addition to your lounging needs.

They will have your kitties wondering, who is this imposter?

2. Dachshund Dog Shaped Ice Cube Tray


ice cube tray

Ice ice baby! This Dachshund Dog Shaped Ice Cube Tray is pawfect for making your drinks cold and cute all at the same time.

Get it now for $11.95 and spruce up your freezer!

3. Squirrel Tea Infuser by Decodyne


tea diffusers

If you drink tea regularly, you might want to check these out! The Squirrel Tea Infuser is a nice added touch to your nightly tea routine. I love steeping my tea every night before bed, and having a little partner in crime would be even better.

Get yours now for just $8.95.

4. Ceramic Cat Measuring Cups


measuring cups

Oh meow goodness! Cooking just got way more fun. I am often guilty of assuming my measurements and pouring water, milk, sugar, and other added ingredients by the process of intuition. However, I am willing to sacrifice my judgement for these Ceramic Cat Measuring Cups.

These adorable cups come in your standard 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, and 1 full size cup options.

They are small and sweet and only $25.92!

5. Creative Co-op Whale Shaped Butter Dish


Whale, whale I can't believe it's not butter! Check out this adorable Creative Co-op Whale Shaped Butter Dish. This dish blends well with kitchenware, you wouldn't even know a stick of butter was underneath.

Get this item for just $16.29.

6. Oh For Fox Sake White Mug


coffee mug

The coffee mugs with quotes that perfectly describe our moods are endless. This Oh For Fox Sake White Mug is just another one we can make room for in our cabinets.

Add this to your collection for $7.98.

7. Bunny Rabbit Ring Holder

rabbit ring holder

Who else has lost a ring or two while doing the dishes or simply just because placing them on the counter is just simply not the best idea? This Bunny Rabbit Ring Holder is the solution to that problem. Keep it by the sink for when you're doing the dishes or in your bathroom for when it's time to take jewelry off at night.

Get organized with this ceramic treat for just $12.95.

8. Fred & Friends Bear Hands Oven Mitts


oven mitts

How fun are these Fred & Friends Bear Hand Oven Mitts? Protect your hands in animal style with these funky mitts.

Shop them now for just $18.06.

9. Adorable Animal Smartphone Stand 


smartphone holder

This bulldog is all of us at the end of a long day. Place this little dude by your bedside and give him a phone to hold. Like I said, he's just like us!

The Adorable Animal Smartphone Stand is awesome for making sure your phone doesn't fall off your side table in the middle of the night.

Get it now for just $17.19.

10. Fox Shaped Coir Welcome Mat

welcome mat

Greet your houseguests with this adorable Fox Shaped Coir Welcome Mat.

The snuggled up cutie is only $34.95 and is the perfect addition for your home.

So many options for us animal lovers! Don't forget to treat yourself from time to time. These items can also make the perfect gift for our animal lover friends.

See anything you like? Tell us in the comments below!

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10 Animal-Themed Trinkets for the Quirky Collector