10 Photos of Kids Who Rival Their Ponies in Cuteness

Posted by Paige Cerulli
kids and ponies

There's something about kids and ponies - they're too cute for words, and these ten photos will melt your heart.

Can you remember the first pony that you ever rode? I remember mine - he was a stocky pinto who had a horse-sized body on pony legs. His mane was so thick that it laid on both sides of his neck, and sitting on him felt similar to sitting on a barrel. I loved him and was lucky enough to ride him for almost seven years. His name was Buttons, and he was kind, bombproof, and totally trustworthy.

A good pony is priceless when you're a child and are learning about horses. It seems like kids are naturally drawn to ponies, and some ponies are naturally drawn to kids as well. When kids and ponies pair up, you get to see the depth of friendship, love, and trust.

At least, that's the case with these ten photos. Just take a look at how adorable these kids and ponies are.

Look at Those Smiles!

girl and horse
Aww Cute/ Tumblr

The Little Moments

little girl and baby horse

Out for a Stroll

dad and kid riding horses
Trot Like Crazy/Tumblr

The Thrill of a Win

happy little girl and riding horse

A Job Well Done

kid riding a horse

The Look

little girl and horse
Nats Horses/Tumblr

True Love

little boy hugging pony


kid jumping a pony

The Littlest Cowboy

little cowboy kid on pony in creek
Handy Hay Nets/Facebook

A Need for Speed

child barrel racer on pony

If you're looking for the perfect pony for a child, it may take a bit of searching. While there are many good ponies out there, there are also many ponies which are grumpy and not safe for children. Start by searching local for-sale ads, and let other people know that you're on the hunt for a child-safe pony.

When you do find a pony, make sure to thoroughly evaluate and test the pony before introducing it to the child. If there's a young rider at your barn who can test ride the pony, you can get a sense of the pony's behavior. Consider getting a vet check done to find potential physical issues before you make the purchase.

A good pony is worth its weight in gold, as these adorable photos show. When you find a great pony, don't let it go!

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10 Photos of Kids Who Rival Their Ponies in Cuteness