What It Would Look Like If Tiny Hamsters Were Zombies

Posted by Paige Cerulli
zombie hamster

If you’re feeling in the Halloween spirit, then you need to check out this fun video of a zombie hamster world. 

Zombie hamsters. Can you imagine? Hamsters as we know them are cute and cuddly, and they’re great loving pets. But what if things went horribly wrong, and we were faced with a zombie hamster world? Would we be able to survive these flesh-eating rodents equipped with big teeth and a powerful bite?

Well, Tiny Hamster is back, and he’s fiercer and scarier than ever. From the infamous zombie crawling-up-through-the-graveyard-dirt move, to eating limbs off of people right on the street of this small town, this zombie hamster does it all. Take a look at this utterly terrifying video.

We love how much work and time went into making this zombie movie. Talk about a creative set designer, and just look at those edible props! Tofu brains anyone? Be sure to share this video with your hamster-loving friends.

It’s an odd combination of adorable and a bit scary; undead hamsters are just perfect for Halloween.


Hopefully the world will never see zombie hamsters like this mad scientist experiment gone wrong! Check out more of Tiny Hamster on his YouTube channel!

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What It Would Look Like If Tiny Hamsters Were Zombies