Product Testing

Does your company have a pet product that needs publicity? Wide Open Pets can write you a review! Whether you made a new type of dog food, have the next best horse brush, or you built an amazing fish tank, we want to see it and tell our fans!

Please send inquiries to to find out where to send your pet product!

horse grooming


Wide Open Pets is constantly on top of any new and groundbreaking products that possible can improve life for their many dog-followers.
Wide Open does not just tell about the new item, they try it, thoroughly test it and then share the experience with all of us.
Without our knowing, about a year ago, Wide Open Pets had acquired the new and unique Sun & Bug Blocker from Hurtta, given it a hard time outdoors in tick and mosquito filled locations and shared their useful experience and sincere recommendation.
This became the start of a close relationship with the outdoors-gear-for-dogs devoted enthusiasts at Wide Open Pets.
It has lead to many beautifully critical and thereby reliable and useful reviews and guidances of our Hurtta gear – it has been dragged through the mud, exposed to rain, frost, sleet and snow, on extended trail-trials. The resulting test reviews are 100 % well-grounded and trustworthy.  And very much why we feel privileged and hope Wide Open Pets will keep giving the Hurtta harnesses and jackets a tough time in many coming seasons and sharing it with all us devoted dog-parents!
         -Kim Peschardt, Brand Director at Hurtta North America
dogs in Hurtta jackets