Vintage Pet Memes Are Turn-of-the-Century Hilarious

Posted by Mateja Lane

The Internet is a funny place. 

These old-timey, vintage pet memes are a perfect blend of turn-of-the-century humor, pets, and 21st century memes.

Old Money Dog and Artistocat capture life with pets quite perfectly with humor belonging in the 1920s. So rejoice, all you Jenkins and Jeeves out there, these pets will tell you how it really is, politely of course.



cat meme


old money dog



cat jenkins

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be a dear

cat butt






It’s really fun to imagine our pets if they lived at the turn of the century, like the little ladies and gentlemen they are. It goes to show some of our pets’ habits are timeless. I’m sure cats have always been climbing curtains and dogs have always chased squirrels.

There is definitely more where these memes came from. You can even create your own memes to customize your own pet’s weird habits; in 1920’s fashion, of course.

These memes establish that the turn of the century was inadvertently the height of comedy.

Are you rolling on the floor laughing yet, Jeeves?

Vintage Pet Memes Are Turn-of-the-Century Hilarious