Dog Reunited with Owner After Fleeing Las Vegas Massacre

Posted by Jason Sarna
dog and owner reunite
Screenshot via ABC 7

People unite after Las Vegas shooting to help man find his dog.

According to ABC 7, a one-year-old French Bulldog is back home with her owner after running away during the recent shooting in Las Vegas.

Ryan Needham is part owner of a concessions company that was working the Route 91 concert on Sunday. His girlfriend was working inside the venue and Needham was driving up to the venue on Las Vegas Boulevard as the shooter opened fire on the crowd.

“I could hear everything,” said Needham. “Obviously, everybody in the place was panicking, and not knowing what to do.”

Needham said his dog Roulette or “Rou” escaped from a crate she was in, as one of the concessions employees was trying to pick her up.

According to Needham:

“She escaped because of all the crazy noise and chaos, and just ran into the crowd. We just really didn’t know what to do. Obviously, there are a lot of emotions going on with everything that happened. But she goes everywhere with us, and with no kids, she’s almost like our kid, so we were super devastated along with everything else.”

The story of Rou’s escape and Needman’s desperate search to find her went viral on social media with thousands of people joining in to help find the pup.

Neeham said:

“It just grew and grew and grew. We never would have guessed so many people would have stepped forward to help. Everything from creating lost dog sites to creating Facebook pages for her. Watching the news, we had people literally calling from other countries saying that they saw it on the news.”

After three days of searching, Roulette was found taking shelter at a nearby apartment complex.

So happy to share that Roulette is back with her owners! The service dog survived 3 days running around the festival…

Posted by Nia Wong KLAS on Thursday, October 5, 2017

Needham and his girlfriend are thankful to have Rou back home and grateful for how people united after such a horrific tragedy to help find the pup.

“The best thing is it shows there are so many good people,” said Needham. “So many people willing to try to help other people.”

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Dog Reunited with Owner After Fleeing Las Vegas Massacre