Mateja Lane

    Mateja is the managing editor for Wide Open Pets. She has a Bluetick Coonhound who takes up most of her time and a Calico cat who is a diva and would eat can food all day, if she were allowed.

    Kris Hughes

    Kris Hughes is the Director of Content Operations for Wide Open Media Group, the parent company of Wide Open Pets, and the network's original sites, Wide Open Spaces and Wide Open Country. A life-long dog owner, he currently has a great boxer/aussie mix named Lu that keeps things entertaining.

Senior Writers

    Paige Cerulli

    Paige Cerulli can't remember a day when animals weren't in her life. Infatuated with horses since she was a child, she's been riding for almost twenty years and owns an ex-racehorse. She is also a certified equine massage therapist and has an avid interest in equine health and care. Additionally, Paige has worked as a small animal veterinary receptionist, and has shared her life with dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, and the occasional fish. Today Paige has two rescue cats, Dylan and Cara, who favor dog toys over cat toys and ensure that there's never a dull moment in her house. Paige works as a freelance writer and loves to cover animal-related topics.

    Stacey Venzel

    Stacey Venzel began honing her writing skills at 8 years old when she attended the Young Writers Workshop in Ohio. She then went on to write competitively in middle school competitions. In her adult years, she writes for many publications, including Arts Ex Machina film magazine and The Super Fins, a marine conservation website. Stacey holds a B.A. in Zoology and enjoys world culture, travel, theatre and the outdoors. You can reach out at

    Amber King

    Amber King shared her childhood home in rural Pennsylvania with an unruly herd of chickens, turkeys, cockatiels, dogs, and more cats than she could count. Today, her home in Honolulu, Hawaii is run by a rescued Rhodesian Ridgeback named Copper that is always on the move. Rescuing Copper inspired Amber to use her B.A. in professional writing to write about topics that truly matter to her. Whether they’re big, small, furry, or feathery, Amber loves all animals and uses her writing to share ideas, stories, and knowledge about animal-related topics. She writes for various pet-related websites and magazines, and her blog, Hello, Hawaii, is a never-ending story of all the adventures that she shares with Copper. She will eventually return to her rural roots and fill a farm with as many furry friends as her husband will allow, but for now, she’s enjoying life in Hawaii with Copper working as a freelance writer and writing for Wide Open Pets. Contact her by emailing


    TF Oren

    TF has loved all things animal since since childhood, but she's a horse person before all else. Growing up in Oregon, she spent years as a competitive hunter/jumper equestrian and later developed an interest in rehabilitative training. In addition to her love of horses, she's passionate about dog rescue, particularly greyhound rescue. She has a Master's degree in a writing-intensive field, and the opportunity to write about what she loves is what led her to Wide Open Pets.

    Allie Layos

    Allie Layos is a lifelong animal lover. She grew up on a small farm in Pennsylvania with a wide variety of pets that included dogs, cats, reptiles, fish, birds, goats, ponies, poultry, and one pot-bellied pig. She is also a competitive equestrian, and has competed across the country aboard both Morgan and American Saddlebred horses. A published author since age 14, she loves writing, and nothing makes her happier than writing about her beloved animals. Today she is editor-at-large at the international equestrian publication Saddle & Bridle Magazine, and has freelanced for a number of other animal-related publications as well.