19 More Chicken Shaming Pics Because Chickens Keep Getting in Trouble

Posted by Stacey Venzel
chicken shaming

The world can’t get enough chicken shaming, and we totally get it.

You loved our original chicken shaming article so much, we thought we’d bring back some more. Why, you ask? Because chickens are still getting in trouble and their owners are still publicly shaming them.

If ever you’ve been around hens and roosters, you can likely relate to these feathered friend shenanigans.

1. The Alarm Clock No One Set

#ChickenShaming 🐔😂

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2. The Security Guard Epic Fail

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3. The Hair Stylist (That Was Promptly Let Go)

Chicken shaming. This hen should have thought twice before she decided to make the whole flock bald. #peepers #chickenshaming

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4. The Stock Exchange


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5. The Dog Lover

#petshaming #chickenshaming

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6. The Bull’s Eye Aimer

Oy #chickenshaming

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7. The Hollywood Chicken (With Her Own Walk of Fame)

8. The Way-Too-Early Bird

9. The Skinny Friend Who Can Eat Anything

10. The Lunch Yard Bullies

11. The Girlfriend with Baby Fever

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12. The Cannibal

True story. #chickenshaming #chickensofinstagram

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13. The Anti-Vegan

Chickens don't think about the future… #chickenshaming

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14. The Catnapper


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15. The Pumpkin Spice Boycotter

In today's episode of #chickenshaming

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16. The Fiber Dieter

17. The Addicts

By popular demand, the latest episode of #chickenshaming

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18. The Union Work Force


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19. The Landscaper

Clearly, chickens wear many feathered hats, from the good guys to the bad guys, the cool chicks to the crazy chicks.

In case you’re in need of some more laughs (who isn’t?), check out more of our pet shaming montages.

Got a chicken shaming photo to share? Post below or tag us #wideopenpets and #chickenshaming.

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19 More Chicken Shaming Pics Because Chickens Keep Getting in Trouble