14 Corgi Butts That Got Us All Like…

Posted by Stacey Venzel
corgi butt

The world has an obsession with Corgis because these hips don’t lie!

Is that a loaf of bread or a Corgi butt? Sometimes, we just don’t know. Until we poke it, of course, and it does that Corgi wiggle-waggle dance the Internet has come to know and love.

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Here’s proof that Corgi butts are the best thing on the Internet, and also look an awful lot like that bread you just put on the counter.

The Gluten-Free Slice

in my natural habitat protecting my home & hoomans • • • • • • #corgistagram #corgi_of_instagram #corgibutts #corgiloaf

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The Corgi Butt Seen ‘Round the World

The Classic Wonderbread

Like breadloaf like corgibutt 😂😂😂 #corgiloaf #corgibutt #breadloaf

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Heart Healthy

The Sploot

Sploot Sunday!

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Carbo Overload

Shakira’s Inspiration

The Beach Sandwich

Kardashian Proud

Kardashian butt corgi! @corgis_butts #corgibutts

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J-Lo’s Girl

dat booty doe #annabellestubbs

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The Bread Aisle

Toast, Hold the Butter

Potato Bread

The Loaf That Got Away

Who let the butts out? Specifically these butts, and where can I find a sea of Corgi butts pronto?

For some more Corgi wiggle-waggle, be sure to check out Corgi racing and make sure your schedule is clear for the rest of the day because you’ll just be getting started.

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14 Corgi Butts That Got Us All Like…