11 Pets in Santa Hats Because Christmas Is Coming

Posted by Stacey Venzel
pets in santa hats

Santa looks a little furry–and scaly and feathery–this year.

Just how many sizes of Santa hats are there? Apparently itty bitty ones that fit hamster heads.

Check out these pets who are ready to ride a sleigh in a few weeks.

With a tie and a hat he looks just like St. Nick!

Not a creature was stirring… except for these guinea pigs.

Being a beardie, this Santa thought he could go clean-shaven this year.

Not the furriest Santa, but definitely a round one.

The hog is ready for Christmas! #hog #hedgehog #hedgie #christmas #petsinsantahats #petsofinstagram

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Santa’s fur trim is nothing up against a chinchilla.

Santa doesn’t horse around… or does he?

All I want for Christmas is ewe.

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Is that a Santa or a Dachshund?

This goat doesn’t kid around with Christmas.

Due to repeated fowl behavior, Kali is consistently on the naughty list.

There’s a hamster under that hat, somewhere.

Mocha is not really grasping the whole idea of "hats" ?

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They might not have laps to sit on, but we can still ask these pets for a white Christmas, or that puppy or pony we’ve always wanted.

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11 Pets in Santa Hats Because Christmas Is Coming